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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Samoyed Rescue Post

Husband and I did some yardwork in preparation for winter, today.  I clipped back an evergreen from the eaves of the house - don't like the fire hazard, especially in the dry winter months.
We'll likely yank the whole thing out come spring but I didn't want a bare corner over the next 4 - 5 months.
While we worked in the yard, Pearl hunted bunnies:
She never catches any, those longlegged sons of b*tches.

I also snapped a few shots of ladybugs:

The rest of today's post is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.  Seriously, skip the rest of this if that describes you.

I am a member of a Samoyed owners group and several members foster rescued Samoyeds  (One also fosters Collies).  I can't imagine some of the things these dogs have gone through and it boggles my mind that anyone could mistreat or neglect a Samoyed.  I have a hard time imagining anyone hurting or neglecting any dog but Samoyeds are just so beautiful and puppy like and magical that I simply can't conceive of it even though I know it happens. 

First of all, if you read my posts, regularly, you've seen my happy, sweet girls Evelyn and Pearl.  Here's Evelyn:
Seriously, I hope you look at these happy girls for just a second before I discuss Glory, a Samoyed that came into rescue, this spring.  Evelyn:
 Pearl at sunrise:
 Pearl and Evelyn:
They don't take a lot of care, especially considering how beautiful they are.  I rarely bathe them and brushing them keeps them clean and pretty, most of the time.  Samoyeds are family dogs and are going to be miserable if you leave them outside.  They want to be near their family but love everyone.  Don't get a Samoyed if you don't want a hairy child who wants to be with you even if you are in the bathroom.  Pearl is 55 pounds and still crawls up in my lap - and stays there.  Evelyn has a fit if she can't see me or I am on the "wrong" side of the fence.  Not unusual for Samoyeds.

In contrast, here are some photos of Glory, a rescue dog who came into care last spring.  Brace yourself, they are awful:
Yes, the poor darling is a Samoyed.  Just like my girls. 
Glory smelled to high heaven from the yeast covering her body and only weighed 28 pounds (my girls weigh about 50 - 55).  In these first pictures, she is just about Evelyn's age.  She'd been taken to the doctor but the owners wouldn't pay for any bloodwork to find out what was going on.  They just wanted her to be put down.  The vet talked them into surrendering her to the rescue, instead.  Bless the vet, she did all the legwork on that end.  

Glory went to live with foster mama, Bev (the lady in green in the above photo).  According to Bev, even though Glory was so frail and in a strange place, she wagged her sad little rat tail all the way home. 
Over the past 6 - 7 months, Bev has been caring for Glory.  What a miracle worker.   She's helped socialize her (Glory can be a bit nasty to other dogs) and made sure she received appropriate medical care.  Glory had a bad bacterial infection of the skin and had to be frequently bathed with special medicated soap.  She also was placed on (and remains on) prednisone.  One member of our group stitched up some coats for Glory.  As you might imagine, her health care expenses have been steep.
When she first came to stay with Bev, she had some surgery and had to wear the cone of shame for a few weeks - she just looks pitiful:
Of course, no dog looks good in the cone but there is no excuse for this:
That's Glory, above.  Compare to Pearl:
It makes me sick.  It makes me mad.
Over time, her hair gradually began growing back in - but she was still sooooo skinny!:
Month by month, she continued to get better and started to show some spark: 
See that look?  That's trouble!
Starting to see some confidence - how do you like that sassy purple collar?:
Look how much better she looks - starting to look and play like a Samoyed:
What a difference in hair and size:
She just looks happy - and her weight is up to 40 pounds:
Even her tail hair is coming back!
Look at that face and that Sammy smile!
Don't you love a happy ending?

Thanks, Bev.

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


swooze said...

I do rescue as well. Until pets are considered more than just personal property this shameful behavior will continue.

Glory has really made super progress and looks gorgeous! Look forward to updates.

Hugs to you Penny!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

That just brings tears to my eyes. How could anyone do that? Those previous owners need to be slapped up the side of the head. HUGS to Glory and her recovery.

Anonymous said...

Yes - many thanks to Bev. Many hours have been spent rehabilitating that sad animal. What a difference. Too bad not all animals live with responsible owners.

Sherry said...

I do NOT understand abuse of any living thing! Absolutely mind boggling.

My mother may be losing a bridge...four "jaw" teeth...on the side she doesn't chew on. eyeroll She says that at her age (makes herself sound ancient) that she can't see spending $4,000...don't forget...on teeth she doesn't really use. She won't do anything until the tooth hurts. Hopefully it will be a while.

Miriam said...

The transformation of Glory is wonderful and heart warming to see. I wish all pet owners loved their pets like you and Bev.
Love the photos of Evelyn and Pearl.

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, poor Glory. But she's looking so much better now. God bless Bev and all the rescuers involved.

ad hominy said...

I love a happy ending. Wish I could do rescue. Maybe in the future. Glory is a great name for that gal.

I have a Chi mix who was in a starved and neglected condition when I got him from the pound. My other dog had scabies. My vet asked why didn't I just get a healthy dog. I got a new vet instead.

Bless all you rescue folks.