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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drawing a Figure With No Teeth

I dropped Husband off at the airport at 4:45 yesterday morning and then came back home to do a few projects before handing myself over to the dentist at 8:30.  One of my molars on the bottom left side has periodically swelled, gotten sore, then returned to normal size.  After examining it, he said the tooth was cracked, the roots were sheared off the back and it needed to come out to protect the remaining bone. 

Well, crap.  I don't mind the procedure although I hate like crazy how much it is going to cost to get an implant.  What really bothers me is just the whole stigma of losing a tooth (like I am a hillbilly!) coupled with the notion that perhaps I am wearing out. 

Happily, my dentist swears my jaw bone is very healthy and dense and should be fine.  The front roots were curved in like j's and it took him awhile to drill 'em out.  The bone around the back roots was gone.  Don't want that happening to the rest of my jaw, for sure.   Sore mouth, afterwards, but the crater isn't bothering me nearly as much as I expected.  I hope by tomorrow that I won't be looking for that next painkiller.

So I went to art class this morning and we did a figure drawing.  This is the model:
He looks like he is wearing a skirt.  Fruity dang art class (sorry Windy).  I tell myself it is a Highlander! 

This is my rendition:
It isn't very good but we didn't have much time so it is what it is.  I just threw in the shadow and background and the skirt was pretty much an afterthought, too.  I think if I were to do it, again, I'd do better.  At one point, the professor came by and told me the man's nipples were too high and I needed to move them about two inches lower.  I started to tell him this was MY hero male body but thought better of it.  The thing is in a skirt and has no head or arms for the love of god, and I am pretty sure there isn't much under the skirt, either.  I am not sure why I would consider arguing against drawing man boobs on it.  I guess I just like it because it is also shy a few teeth and we have something in common.  But I moved the dang nipples.

I don't think I will get a good grade on it, or that I deserve one.  The skirt looks too flouncy.  I would have stayed longer to work on it but with Husband out of town, I needed to get back home and let the girls out.

I was going to go write about the "shelter in place" drill we did (which took up a lot of our drawing time), but Husband's plane is now flying inside of Oklahoma and should be at the airport by the time I round of the girls and drive over there. 


Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Miriam said...

I hope your mouth is feeling better today.
Pity that model didn't have a proper manly skirt on....a kilt! lol

Rockin'Bobbin said...

Ugh, dentists.......drilling, yeesh. I think I can stomach the resuce post better than the thought of what they did to your mouth.
So, are you an Outlander fan?
Speaking of that; the title of your blog......what does it mean to you?

Stephanie D. said...

Understand that as a Halloween geek, this is a compliment: your drawing makes this figure look gaunt and creepy--blueprint for a great prop!