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Friday, November 12, 2010

An Eccentric Wind

My son recently expressed surprise that the change in daylight savings would significantly trip me up ("It is only an hour!") but it has.  I had to laugh, to myself, when he said that.  For someone who gets up at about 5:30 (pre-change), abruptly changing to waking up at what "feels" like 4:30 strains my energy level, come mid afternoon.  So I take a quick nap (at 2:30 - post change) that turns into a two hour snore and then the dogs are hollering that they want to sit on the patio and no sooner do we sit on the patio when they decide they are dying of hunger and Husband insists it is too early and they aren't "really" hungry (as if they can read the clock and control their appetite, accordingly).  So I miss the news and sit outside with a glass of wine in the dark while they become increasingly frantic and start looking for bunnies to kill to supplement their diet. (they never catch any).   It is 6:30 but feels like 8:30 or 9:00 because the sun is long set and because the days are shortening so fast.   Finally, the dogs get fed at the "proper time" (per Husband) but what feels like the dead of night to the girls and me.  Then we have to go back outside and sit on the patio (to keep from breaking Evelyn's heart).   And it is dark.  Just like it was in the morning when I sat on the patio in the dark.  And because I've taken a nap, I get my second wind at about 8:00 p.m. and end up staying up reading until after midnight (pre-change).  Only to be up in about three hours and it starts, again. 

I go through this every year.  Usually, I can tell you what time it is within about ten minutes.  But for a few days/weeks after the time change, it is like spinning and losing my sense of direction only it is losing my sense of time. 

One hour.  Hah!

This morning, I woke up at 4:45 and valiantly tried to lay there and go back to sleep.  Then I read my Iphone in the dark.  I stretched my toes and reminded myself that I need some polish remover.  How does anyone ever run out of polish remover?  I decided my toes felt a bit like claws, especially my left little toe.  I wondered if it was actually possible to tear the sheet with a toe nail.  I considered how long it would take to grow a toe nail that long.  I thought about dragons with their talons and tried to decide what color dragon I would want to be if I were a dragon.   I considered growing a beard since I've already lost my waistline, anyway, and it might be a good look for me.  I wondered if Husband would leave me if I grew a beard.  I considered God's great wisdom in robbing old people of their eyesight just in time to avoid Husbands being overly traumatized by the fading looks of their wives.  I wondered what it must be like to be a man who married a woman but who now wakes up to someone who looks a bit manly.   I tried not to think about that, too much because, frankly, it's weird.  Then I thought about man boobs and decided to just get over myself and suck it up.

I thought about my art class and how the professor was so mad because quite a few of his Drawing II students weren't doing their work and what work they were doing was sloppy, but they had outstanding signatures (some with two colors!) that aggravated him.  I thought about my new grandson, due in February, and wondered if he would play soccer.  And then I wondered where he would play soccer in the city.  And then I worried that he would get a head injury from heading the ball because I read that was common.  And  then I decided I hoped he would consider tee ball, instead.  And then I wondered if they had tee-ball teams in Manhattan and if they would be able to get home in time to take him to practice.  And then I thought about cute little boy shin pads and wondered what his team would be called and if I would be able to go watch him play.  Then I got depressed because I am here and he is there.  And then I thought about moving to Manhattan but decided that wasn't practical.   I wondered if my son and his wife might possibly move to Chicago and have a driveway.  Or Omaha.  I decided that the next time I saw a shooting star, that would be my wish.  Or perhaps Trinidad, Colorado because I would really like to visit there.  I finally got up and went outside, telling myself that with the change in weather on the way, it would be good to let the girls go out ahead of the rain.  But that was just an excuse to continue with this warped time schedule and get away from my idle brain. 

The air, outside, was utterly still.  The clouds had rolled in and were dark and heavy, with orange and yellow bright on the horizon from the city lights (the photo at the top of the blog is from a few days ago and much more cheery, light and bright).  It looked like the scene in Gone With the Wind when Atlanta was burning.  Evelyn lay out on the patio but Pearl was pressed up next to me while I tried to download an Iphone app on constellations.  About that time, I heard what sounded like the roar of a heavy rain but it wasn't raining.  I could hear what sounded like the wind picking up from the north and watched Evelyn simply lounge on the patio, showing no concern.  No raindrops.  No wind. 

I was perplexed at the heavy rainfall sound - by that time, it sounded like a roar combined with something hitting metal.  It was loud.   I stood up and looked over at the horizon and saw what at first looked to be black birds swooping across the sky, tons of them.  In a few moments, I realized it wasn't birds.  An odd wind had hit the neighbor's tall cottonwood tree and was brutally stripping off its large leaves from near the top.  The roaring had been the sound of the leaves being torn off and rattling against each other as they sorted themselves out like racehorses at the starting gate.  The air remained still at patio level but an eccentric wind carried the leaves above roof level at my house and smacked them against the metal barn (roughly the length of a football field, distant).  It was pretty cool.  I put Pearl inside the house because she thought that was just too freaky but Evelyn and I stood outside and gloried in it until it ended. 

Three hours later, the rain finally arrived.  Evelyn never batted an eyelash at rain in Virginia but in Oklahoma, after next to no rain since June, she isn't sure what that sound is and looked wary.  Pearl hid under Husband's desk.   She's a fraidy cat from way back.  In short order, the rain stopped but it should be here off and on, all day.  The  temperature is going to plunge and the autumn leaves that just got pretty are going to be toast. 

Off to check the rain gauge and the gopher traps.   Yes, we have gophers. 

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh. My. Goodness, Girl. You have captured those nether hours perfectly!!! I'm chuckling out loud here. And I hate this time change with a passion. I feel discombobulated for at least a couple of months.

Carol OklaTwister said...

Penny, I am not sure your mind was on 'idle', having read the list of things that you were thinking of this AM; more like full speed ahead, lol!!
Funny you should mention Trinidad, CO, as that is where DH and I lived for 4 years just before we moved back here to Oklahoma in 2006. A nice place to visit for Fisher's Peak, the high plains, funky brick streets, not to mention the 120-year-old newspaper building I worked at was haunted, but NEVER move there.

Linda said...

My, that's an active fertile imagination! You can thank the hour change for a jolt to your imagining brain?!
Lurking Linda

Penny said...

Those sorts of thoughts aren't normal?

rockin'bobbin said...

Oh, Penny - that is too funny. I thought I was weird thinking about stuff like that. One thought leads to another and then I can't remember the original thought.
You'll have to read your grandson the "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" book (there are others too). They are so cute and like real life, one thing leads to another. He will love them.

Sherry said...

Me too.

Emma said...

That sounds exactly like me when I'm awake in the middle of the night! Except I don't have kids, grandkids, or dogs. But still - that captures my usual thought process perfectly! My brain sometimes confuses my husband.

Oh, and I hate the time change too. I have an annoying habit of waking up a few minutes before my alarm (I never was a morning person, but lately have been waking up earlier and earlier) and the night of the time change I woke up at the normal time (or what it would have been pre-time change) and I laid in bed, my brain doing what yours was, for the next hour.