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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Counter Tops and Electrical Mishaps

First thing this morning I worked on some proposed Orders for a case later this week so they would be ready for signature if the Court granted my request. I could draft them after the Court rules but that means an extra court hearing and if I can avoid running up costs for the parents, I try to do that. Of course, if the court doesn't grant my request, it is time somewhat wasted. I usually draft orders ahead of time when we have an agreement or I think I've got a pretty good read on the direction the Court is likely to go.

After that, I reviewed some petitions for termination of parental rights of one of my clients. Sad case.

"Work" work done, I puttered around doing housework but didn't get any packing accomplished. I spent a little time cutting out fabric for the star rays for my Civil War Sylvias and spent more time on that than expected. None of the colors were really crying out to me.

I never really got around to sewing anything because as it got closer to noon, I got hungry and fixed some roasted potatoes. Then I got sleepy/groggy and it generally isn't a good idea to be sleepy/groggy (or drunk) while handling a rotary cutter.

See Pearl's dog tag?

Yup, it is a real dog tag. Kind of morbid when you consider their intended use but I once got a laugh out loud from the vet when she saw it.

The girls were utter sweeties, all day.

Pearl brought a wonderful stick up to the deck to munch on.

It is her treasure.

Until she gnaws it to oblivion.

She is starting to grow a pretty sweet ruff.

She'll never have Evelyn's topknot but her mane is getting downright respectable.

I'm fighting mats behind her ears. Evelyn had the same problem as a puppy when her hair was finer and curlier. Not so much once she got her mature coat.

Pearl is going into the "big chew." I have been told that between 10 and 13 months, they chew to ossify their jaw bones. A lot of people who get their dogs past the teething stage are blindsided when their puppy unexpectedly begins chewing furniture, books, precious heirlooms, etc., at this age. Sadly, I understand this is an age when a lot of dogs are deposited at the pound.

But not this baby! So long as she doesn't insist on chewing on something intended to remain alive, we're keeping her!

But that might help explain why she is so spoiled with the zillions of toys strew through the house - gives her something to use those teeth on.

I've mentioned that she is smart. Yesterday, I heard husband shriek (well, a male version of a shriek). Get this - Pearl got a pillow off the love seat, UNZIPPED it, and was proceeding to rip the inside pillow to bits. Stuffing was all over the front parlor. Yes, she UNZIPPED IT, first!

She is my smartest non human child. Now that I think of it, one of my human kids destroyed her pillow, too. She stabbed it with a pen to see the stuffing fly. A little like Pearl, yes? You'd think that a human child would have better sense. But it is worse. She stabbed the pillow after placing the pillow on her WATER BED!! With predictable results.

Pearl didn't get in much trouble but the human child did.

This is the same child who stuck a fork in a electric socket to "see if something would happen." I wasn't home at the time but the fuse blew and they lost the lights. Her brother - in typical big brother style - told her that she'd "broken the house" and that it would cost thousand of dollars to fix and still was likely to result in an electrical fire that would catch fire while we slept and kill us all.

I didn't know whether to thank him or shake him.

She grew a brain, eventually. He probably should be credited with nipping her penchant for electrical distruction in the bud. She is now a big city lawyer - hmm. Coulda been an electrician but for this unfortunate incident. And live in Oklahoma City near her mom! Or, I suppose she could have managed to somehow rewire the place so that it burned around our ears while we were asleep.

Life takes us in strange directions.

I am so excited because my corian samples arrived!

Pearl isn't sure what the fuss is about but she is happy for me.

We are definitely putting in new counter tops in the Oklahoma City house but haven't decided which direction to go. We love corian but I have samples from other brands on the way. The current counter tops are tile, complete with grout between the pieces. Impossible to feel like you get it clean.

Here is a picture:

The counter tile is just about the only thing we really dislike about the Oklahoma house (although we also are a little put off by the blue bathroom and already ditched the wall paper).

We plan to get rid of that dropped ceiling and upgrade the handles on the cabinets. The cabinets look a little dated but the first owner/builder was a contractor and didn't skimp on construction. They are very well constructed and I can't see replacing them at this point with something prettier but not better constructed. However, the kitchen is a bit dark with the brick and lacks a ready source of natural light so I am leaning towards a lighter colored counter top. Husband likes a darker one so I imagine we'll have to physically hold the samples up in the kitchen to make a decision.

We'll also need to upgrade the appliances and put in a refrigerator and dishwasher, right away. We like Bosch dishwashers. Super, super quiet!

Both of us like stainless steel (it is what we have, now) and husband would like to go in that direction. I'm more inclined to stick to white because it wouldn't be so jarring in the transition (we wouldn't replace all the appliances at once because they're working fine and there is a nice Jenn Aire).

I ordered a variety of colors that looked interesting. I figure I can use them for coasters or something once we make a decision.

But the honest truth - and I know you've already figured this out - is that I just want to have something in hand to dream over while we wait.

And now, for a change of pace...

Get ready ...

My lovely daughter-in-law and granddog, Martin!!

I suspect my son wouldn't dare try to bluff his wife into believing that she had broken the house if she managed to pop the circuit. Chances are, she'd be changing the fuse while he was thinking up a good story to freak her out.

I've posted pictures and videos of Martin, before. She is a labradoodle born a week after Evelyn. They were babies, together.

That is Martin in the center and Evelyn on the right. Both were such cute puppies!

Martin takes after the poodle.

Evelyn takes after a different branch of the family:

Martin is a big city dog who lives in Manhattan. A little like Family Affair, the television series from the sixties, sans a butler. I think she must be reaching her rebellious teenaged years because I understand she is insisting on a Mohawk!
Look at that doo!

Can piercings be far behind?

As a grand mother, it is so hard to keep your mouth shut but the kids have to raise their babies as they see fit. My role is to provide unconditional love, cookies, and empathy.

And sneak doggie biscuits should the poor darling stick a fork in an electric socket and end up in the dog house...


Anonymous said...

Great post today! (as usual)

Pictures of all the dogs are fun, too!


Sherry said...

I went with a solid surface similar to Corian...just different brand. If I had it to do all over again, I think I would go with a quartz composite. I do not like granite though.

Take your top choice(s). Scan one on your scanner. Copy and paste several times in a PowerPoint or Word document...don't stretch it...copy and paste until you fill the page. Print. Now put it on your cabinet top. Fold the edge and roll it over the lip to see what it looks like against the cabinets, dishwasher, beside the sink, etc.

We went from black (our very first choice)...through several mid-range colors (terra cotta made the entire kitchen look sick!), settled on a white with quartz looking crystals in it.

BilboWaggins said...

Pearl is such a darling, she reminds me very much of a young Ollie. He too would chew sticks to oblivion, as a youngster his coat matted as soon as you turned your back, and the toy box, oh that toy box!

I know training experts say it should be a "toy not a trophey" but Ollie had free access to his toys and would deliberately select what he wanted to play with and bring it to us . . .

PS: can you bear NOT to decide on counter-top until you get home. Those samples will look completely different under the light in your other house.

Penny said...

Oh, we won't order the counter tops until we are home and can hold them up to the kitchen! This is just something to play with and drool over and then pay to haul back to Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

Your story about the electrical experience, and the kid's reactions...I can see that EXACTLY happening here! I'm just grateful it hasn't yet!!

Anonymous said...

Penny...did you know they are making Mike's Hard Lemonade in PINK now??

I was thinking of you and had to let you know!