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Friday, October 2, 2009

Pearl - What a Girl!!

So, I was working in my office this morning, sitting at my low ergonomic chair facing the computer screen. Evelyn was dozing in the room behind me and I have no idea where Pearl is. But that's okay, she never gets into anything.

All of a sudden, she comes racing in, leaps on my back, wraps her arms around my neck, smothers me with kisses, leaps off, and races back down the hall. I am reeling. She is a hoss, after all. Then, she races back at top speed and throws a towel at my feet. The towel came from my bathroom and she NEVER gets into stuff she isn't supposed to.

Based on her excited manner, I wonder if she got into something and is telling on herself. Evelyn did that regularly as a pup (Unlike Jezebel who would hide the evidence and Sapphire who I swear, would set up Jezebel to take the fall). So I get up, walk down the hall towards my bedroom, worrying that she might have gotten something off the counter. As I pass the stairway, I glance down towards the first floor.

There is a huge puddle of pee on two of the steps and it looks like she gushed. I stand there holding the towel she just brought me, look at the puddle, look at the towel, look at the puddle, back at the towel, and think to myself - that just can't be...

So okay, she had an accident but how many pups bring you a towel to clean up after themselves? Pearl - what a Girl!!

Anyway, today I withdrew from a case that has gone on for years after giving one of the parents a pretty hard time. Not the first time, either. I have repeatedly gone up one side and down the other on this rambunctious young father who seems addicted to love in all the wrong places. After court, I said my goodbyes and expected that now that I was out of the case, he couldn't wait to be rid of me and wouldn't hold back now that he didn't have to worry that I'd trot back to the judge and "tell on him." In part, because I didn't want to be a coward, I sat down with him while we waited for the order to make sure he understood the court's ruling and answer any questions he might have about the ruling. He seemed perfectly at ease and I didn't detect any animosity, which was a relief.

As I gathered up my things to go and said my last goodbye, he stopped me to make sure that I had his new address so I could write his daughter because "she always loves to hear from you." Then he proceeded to confide about some things he is doing to try to get his life straightened out, including getting some debt management classes and becoming involved in the ministry at his church helping the less fortunate remodel old homes - a little like a local habitat for humanity. You could tell he was really proud of himself and I think he is trying to turn things around.

He has no idea how happy that made me. I suppose since my role in the case is over that I could have hugged him without fear of some sort of conflict. But no. I settled for a big smile and blinked back tears. But they spilled over in the car. Happy tears.

Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Both your stories today just amaze me.

That Pearl is one thinking dog. Cute and smart, smart smart! WOW!

The story about your client just warms the heart.

Good Friday Fodder!


Phyllis said...

OMGosh! I can't believe that girl of yours!!

Maybe all your lectures soaked into that guy a little. We all have a big influence on others and may never know just how much.

Stephanie D. said...

Pearl makes me think of toddlers who bring you a clean diaper and baby wipes, then lie down "in the position" so you can change them. Too funny!

And the dad--wow. Just when you think you're going to have a permanent scar from banging your head against the wall, somebody gets it. Makes for a nice closure, doesn't it?

Shogun said...

Your court stories always remind me of my social work stories. You'd probably understand all the things I go through..

..anyway, that is ONE smart dog! I am always amazed at animals and still don't get those people that say animals have no feelings and no brains.

BilboWaggins said...

I know you often say how smart Pearl is but, goodness - bringing you a towel to clear up after her? What a babe!

Anonymous said...

What a smart doggy you have there!

Paula said...

You knew you didn't raise any dummies, huh? Now try leaving the toilet seat up and see if she can figure out the next step. I wouldn't put it past her!

God works in mysterious ways, through all sorts of people and situations. I'm sure you'll never know all the awesome influence you've had on clients throughout your career.


Jackie said...

What a smart girl Pearl is!

My husband is a social worker. He knows that he won't reach a lot of people and just hopes that they leave knowing the tools they'll have to use when they're ready to get things straight. It's rare to see it actually happen and it's so special when you do. Congratulations! Often you can't see what a positive influence you have on someone's life.