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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Design Opportunities

No court again, today. I did some spot painting and packed more china/figurines. I cut up a lot of my odd pieces of batting to put between plates. I always love to be able to use stuff like that.

This afternoon, I worked on the Civil War Sylvias and finished four (I plan to do sixteen). Sixteen blocks make a size that doesn't work well for a bed quilt so I'll have some decisions to make at some point.

Here they are, so far (not a very good picture):

Here is a closeup of one of them:

I'm tentatively planning to use the same fabric for the star rays on two blocks - one of each kind of star. For example, two of the blocks that I posted have salmon fabric on the star rays and the other two use green. I am sure I will use blue for two of them but haven't decided about the other three fabrics. I'll probably end up repeating those three colors with ones that compliment. I don't think I can get away with using yellow on this one.

I really like the green fabric that I used on two of the stars but may live to regret selecting it because it is clashing with a lot of other fabrics that I'd like to incorporate.

A few years ago, I bought a set of neutral thimbleberry fat quarters and am using a different one for each individual block. The picture isn't good but it is a variety of tans with small designs - some are darker than others. I like having the scrappy backgrounds for depth but not everyone feels that way. I am also pondering a design that has a secondary pattern but need to think about it more before I can describe it coherently. I'd probably need photos to explain.

Yes, they are set in two different star blocks. One is an Ohio Star and the other is a nine patch star. Was that intended? Er... let's just call it a design opportunity.

Crap! That "design opportunity" probably is going to keep me from being able to incorporate that secondary pattern I had in mind. Maybe not. I will get on EQ5 later tonight and see what I can come up with.

They ended up squared at 16 inches (unfinished). I haven't decided if I'll sash them or what kind of border I'll add.

I want to think all the nice people who posted that they are keeping their fingers crossed that we get good news on the move back home. I have no idea when we will hear the ultimate decision but even if you are in the United Kingdom, you will likely hear me either wailing or cheering when I find out.

Have a nice evening!

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BilboWaggins said...

even if you are in the United Kingdom, you will likely hear me either wailing or cheering when I find out

I'll keep listening!

About those blocks - 16 is a strange number as you say, but how about setting them on point in 4 rows of 4 with plain setting squares and putting a feather wreath or something similar in the empty areas?

I just threw that layout quickly onto EQ6 and with 15" blocks this would give you a quilt over 85" square? Email me if you want me to send a layout over to you.