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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caged Like an Animal

Pearl had a good night and while she doesn't appreciate being confined to her crate, she is being pretty reasonable. Her appetite is back and she is, so far, not worrying her sutures. She DOES keep looking at where they shaved her belly.

We are walking her out front so she doesn't have to take the stairs (or be carried) and that will probably continue over the next few days. I'll take her back in after ten, this morning, to have the vet check her out.

So far, so good. Thanks for all the moral support!


Anonymous said...

Did you get any sleep? Thanks for report - it sounds like Pearl will bounce back quickly.


Penny said...

Got some disrupted sleep but not complaining!

Anonymous said...

Had to check here first thing this morning. So glad that Pearl got to come home and had a good night. I'm sure she will bounce right back to her old self in short order.

Take it easy Penny, repeat 10 times, no stress, no stress.....


Penny said...

Serenity now!!

Linda said...

So happy this milestone is passed! Anxiety attacks are not fun, are they!! Happy cuddling!Lurking Linda