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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazonette - Post 5 - 4:00

Husband spoke to the surgeon who told him that Pearl has been in pain and had been sedated and is currently sleeping with her tongue hanging out. This didn't seem to trouble him but I am now a basket case since it has been hours and hours since the surgery and I would think she would be waking up and getting around, by now. We are planning to go up at 7:00 and see if she is able to come home. Due to the drugs, she is not yet ready. I worry that they will keep pumping her full of drugs and not let her come home. And I worry about her being sedated for so long. I worry that since their regular protocol is to keep them overnight that they tend to just keep them doped up. Trust issues, obviously.

I want my girl home.


Infinity Quilter said...

I'm sure Pearl will be fine, but I totally understand your being worried. Fingers crossed that she'll get to come home tonight and that she won't have turned into a drug addict. HUGS!

Penny said...

Thanks, Amy!