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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazonette - Post 2 - 9:05

The doctor called. She hasn't examined Pearl but the techs told her that she "had" to call me, first. We discussed anesthesia and she suggested I go shopping or something rather than sit around and fret. "I can tell you are fretting," she said. I hadn't even USED the word "fret." She didn't know when she was going to get to Pearl and didn't want to tell me because if something came up and she got a late start, I would fret. The woman has my number, for sure.

Depending on how Pearl is doing, she is open to letting her come home, tonight. We'll discuss it later this afternoon and make a final decision. The reason they don't like to let them come home is that they are not a 24 hour facility and if something goes wrong, I'd have to take Pearl to an emergency room and none are close. I am not sure, logically, how that is any worse than keeping her overnight when no one is there but since a tech checks them a couple of times a night, I guess they could call a vet if there was a problem.

It is nine in the morning and I think I will go have a drink. I'm pathetic.


South Jersey Quilter said...

You are not pathetic- you had an awful experience with Jezebel, and you are (rightfully so) very concerned. Try to keep busy, but stay away from sharp objects, LOL.

We're here for you!

Linda said...

Breathe--just breathe! It has to be the hardest thing in the world to just wait! Thoughts are with you.
Lurking Linda