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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictures of Pearl - mainly

Pearl is growing up so fast. Look at this picture - her head is just about as big as Evelyn's:

Look at her canines. The adult canine is coming in right in front of the baby one.

The neighbors just got two puppies - littermates. This is General:

He is a cutie. I will post a picture of his brother in a day or so when I can catch him outside while I have my camera.

But back to Pearl:

She is really beginning to look like a Samoyed instead of some other critter:

Here she is, all flat. She likes to lay on the kitchen floor:

And here is big sister:

Pearl is so sweet - these pictures capture her personality:

Here is the butt shot:

That puppy has just the nicest hindquarters and legs.

Husband is already looking ahead to when we get our next puppy - in a few years. He says that he'll put me on a plane when we are back in Oklahoma so I can fetch one back from the same breeder. He adores that girl - with good reason.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Is she all trained?

Does she chew much?

Hugs to Evelyn, too. She's so regal.


Stephanie D. said...

Hey!!! She's grown into her ears!!!!

SHe looks bee-you-tee-fulllll!

Did you see that Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio had to put her labrador down today? Another sewing buddy waiting over the bridge. Had me bawling all over again.

Penny said...

MAR, we haven't had any accidents in weeks! Pearl is not much a chewer, yet. Well, she chews but is not stubborn about switching to acceptable things to chew and she isn't compulsive about it...yet!