"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smiling Evelyn

It was a hot day but even with that heavy coat, Evelyn seemed to revel in it.

If she enjoys heat, she'll love Oklahoma. She'll get a chance to enjoy it in less than two months because that is when we are going home and will be able to stay for a couple of weeks.

Husband used to live near this intersection and took the street sign when he was a kid back in Oklahoma. He's in his fifties now. I think the statute of limitations has expired. We've had this street sign on our fence wherever we've lived. A little bit of home.

Itty Bitty, aka Pearl, isn't so itty bitty anymore. She is starting to go gorgeous on us.

Pearl is definitely a house dog. She didn't stay outside for long and would frequently opt to stay inside with the air conditioner while Evelyn went outside to bark at cats and puppies and birds.

As promised, here is a picture of the neighbor's puppy. I posted his littermate, yesterday:

They are going to be pretty big. To give you an idea of what they may be looking like, Evelyn is 55 pounds and we think Pearl will be about that size. The neighbor's little guys were 18 pounds each at 9 weeks. At the same age, Pearl weighed half that much. Yikes! Evelyn is SO excited to have new puppies next door!

I got a lot of happy pictures of Evelyn, today. It was just her day, I think.

Long time readers of this blog know that I lost my heart dog, Jezebel, last year. It has been so hard. Evelyn also suffered but over the past six months has been healing. Pearl has brought so much joy and love back into the family - she's filled a void I couldn't imagine would ever be filled in the days after we lost our girl. Still, I have not forgotten the pain of losing her and it remains on our hearts. An internet blogger lost her good dog, Fudge, yesterday. If she is reading this, I hope she looks at these happy dogs and hangs on to the notion that - eventually - the pain will lessen. But we are sorry for what she is going through, right now.


Stephanie D. said...

New pets never take the place of the old, but they do help ease the pain. Libby was my dog, preferred my company to all others, and was very intelligent. I still remember the adoring look in her eyes that last day, before she was hit--almost as if she knew what would happen.

Tandi is far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, but is much more loving and snuggly, and loves my husband and me equally. We roll our eyes over her "issues" as a rescued dog, but she's trying her best.

Sometimes I catch myself comparing the two, but that's a rare thing now. I love Tandi for who she is and what she brings to our lives now.

Pearl is growing into quite a beauty. And so fast!

Nancy said...

Pearl is growing up so fast!!! It seems like just yesterday she was a pretty puppy...and she's already looking like a grownup dog. You definitely have some happy girls, Penny.

tisme said...

Popped on to see how you were doing. Pearl is getting so big and so cute!! The retreat was wonderful and met lots more of the ladies on the board.