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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happiness is a Muddy Puppy

It is Friday, the weather is lovely and I don't have court, today. That means I can sit around in my robe on the deck, drink extra cups of coffee and procrastinate. I've been doing that a lot, lately.

Pearl just had to dig, this morning:

Evelyn, although she joined her in the dig, managed to stay clean and beautiful - of course:

Pearl's big-gurl teeth are coming in and it astonishes me how such mighty fangs can fit into such an itty bitty head. I've thought about this a lot. Then, yesterday, while the girls were playing I sat up and realized that PEARL'S HEAD IS SUDDENLY NEARLY THE SAME SIZE AS EVELYN'S!!

Seriously, there has been some major morphing going on just in the past few days. I took a close look at her snout and where once it went straight from thick white hair to tiny coal black skin with a sharp line of demarkation, there is suddenly a stretch of black skin coated with sparcer hair. This is where the darn thing has grown in just a matter of 2 - 3 days:

It may be hard to tell in the pictures but look at this goofy girl not long ago:

Although some Samoyeds like Pearl go through an extended awkward stage, I have always thought Pearl was beautiful. I think this picture does a good job of peeking forward to the pretty girl she is going to be:

But right now, she is solidly dialed into the "cute" setting.

Versus "beautiful."

Praises be to the Almighty Cupcake in the Sky, I had time to work on my son's wedding quilt, yesterday:

I don't know why my Gammill frequently gives me fits for awhile then decides to behave. I spent hours stitching and ripping then it got out of its funk and I started making progress.

My girls both seem to love hanging out with me in the sewing room. I suspect they pick up the relaxed vibe.

The belly shot:

Life is good!


Infinity Quilter said...

OMG, Pearl is so gorgeous (even with her muddy mane). She's getting so big! It's been rainy here this week. The boys have been pretty wet but have managed not to get muddy.

Have a wonderful day working on the wedding quilt!

ranette said...

I think Pearl has grown and she is just beautiful, but Evelyn...oh my gosh...what a lady!

Do you think the Gammill could pick up on your more relaxed vibe...Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Pearl looks like she planted that tree! What a cutie!

Owens Family Adventures said...

Love the pictures of your pups!! I swear sometimes it's like they laugh! Whenever I take our Abbey outside to run after her ball or wrestle with her in the living room she gets this expression on her face that is just...total happiness...and then she laughs. I love it. :) Just like the first picture of your Pearl.
Have a great day!!

Phyllis said...

Yes, life IS good with those two sweeties! I just want to rub their tummies :)

jacquie said...

love that first muddy picture! came by to get a cute/beautiful dog fix. gives me hope that i won't hurt so much in the future.