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Monday, March 30, 2009

Pearl Will Be Fine

Sure enough, Pearl has a UTI. Ultrasound showed nothing serious, no temperature, but the specimen clearly told the tale. Two weeks of antibiotics should do the trick. She seems good as new and has been having a good day.

She stole her sister's breakfast even though we were trying to keep it light since she was going to the doctor. That is what we get for glancing in the other direction for about two seconds. Pearl is like a shop vac.

After not getting much sleep, last night (about 3 hours), I downed cup after cup of coffee to jack me up to get me out the door to my trial. Big-time mistake. It dawned on me just when the court called us in that I should have stopped by the lady's room. Four hours later, I did an incredible closing argument considering I was in such agony that I could barely see.

I may be stealing Pearl's antibiotics. Surely, you can't drink that much coffee and skip the restroom for that long without doing some significant damage. Can you bruise your bladder from the inside?


Infinity Quilter said...

Oh my, 4 hours!?!?!?!? Glad to hear Pearl is OK.

Paula said...

Glad to hear Pearl's okay. 4 hours and no potty break? That's insanity!


Anonymous said...

"Monkey-faced-shop-vac" with a UTI.

Now that's some picture!

Glad you were not embarrassed and Pearl is doing fine.


jacquie said...

glad to hear pearl is going to be fine...a shop vac...i've got one like that too. even in her old age, fudge sucks up her food as soon as it hits the bowl.
that must have been some closing argument!

Phyllis said...

Hi Penny,

This is my first visit. I'm glad Pearl is fine and your dogs are gorgeous!