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Friday, April 3, 2009

Baths Pending

It is my birthday and Husband and the Girls have been making sure it is a special day.

Aren't these roses pretty?

Pearl is starting to grow quite a lovely tail. She'd very proud of it (it nearly drags the floor and is starting to get past the pipe cleaner stage). She also has her adult insicors in and she likes to show them off.

She was fairly clean, last night.

When I got back from court this morning, it was a different story:

Those ears... I'm speechless.

She managed to keep her tail pretty clean. She takes good care of it.

That red is a piece of an envelope. No injuries. See those fancy grown up teeth in front?

Even Evelyn managed to have fun in the mud:

I'd planned to quilt if I could, this afternoon. Looks like I'll be giving baths, instead.


ranette said...

Happy Birthday Penny! Enjoy your day...what cute girls, even if they are covered in mud.

Paula said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Penny! The girls celebrated your day in true dog style - what could be more fun than romping in the mud? And Pearl is growing so fast....thanks for sharing her pictures and stories.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Penny! It looks like Pearl planned a wild night for you. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Penny!

Girls are just wonderful, dirty or clean.

Pearl will grow into those ears, but for now they are huge on her, aren't they?


Infinity Quilter said...

Happy Birthday Penny! Hopefully tomorrow you can have FUN and lots of sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Dirty Pearl is about the cutest thing I've seen in a while!! They must have had a blast!!

I sent you an email.


Stephanie D. said...

Just in case you had any thoughts of lazing around, sniffing roses and eating bonbons.....