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Monday, March 30, 2009

Feathers and UTI's

So here is my first attempt at Victorian Feathers on a real project - in progress.

It looks like there are extra lines on it that are a bit tangled but that is where I drew guidelines that evaporate within 24 hours.

It is a rough attempt but I think I'll get better with practice. I think it was kind of gutsy to risk ruining my Mariners Compass! The gold should hide a lot of sins. I want to learn to do this before tackling my kids' wedding quilts.

This is just a little wallhanging.

This is a picture from the back:

Pearl may have a UTI was was pretty sick/uncomfortable last night. We were up until nearly 2:00 with her and Husband is going to take her to the vet, first thing. I have a trial so can't go. I sure am bleary eyed.

I'll blog an update after the vet sees her. She seems to be feeling tons better, this morning. Poor thing was really hurting, last night.


Linda said...

Feathers look great! Poor Pearl! When I saw the title I thought oh, that's too bad, thinking it was you but--Poor Pearl! That's even worse! Hate it when the babies are ill!
Lurking Linda

Nancy said...

I think your feathers look great, too! You're too critical of your own work, just like the rest of us out here... :) Give Pearl a hug for us, poor baby.

Pam said...

Beautiful job on your feathers!! I know how you feel, I have 2 quilt tops that I have slaved over, all paper pieced, that I don't feel like I am ready to machine quilt "yet"!
Hope little Pearl is feeling better soon!