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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saint Evelyn


Anonymous said...

This sure was fun to watch even though I knew the ending!


JessicaSews said...

I watched the video Penny, that was amazing to see the two dogs display patience! Evelyn is incredible.
Pearl is adorable, she went after Evelyn's toy (what is that?!) tactically!
We're enjoying all the pictures, quilts included!


Stephanie D. said...

That little Pearl is surely persistent--tried every trick in her little book, didn't she? lol

"I want it", "I'm cute, so I deserve it", "If I bite you, you'll be afraid of me and let it go", "I'm just going to wear you down."

Just like a toddler!

I figured once she got it, she'd lose interest, and it looks like Evelyn half thought that, too.

Paula said...

You're right...Evelyn sure is a saint!! It helps that she loves her new little sister. Really enjoy the videos and pics.


Nancy said...

I laughed out loud watching that one, especially when "Little Bit" grabbed Evelyn by the ruff at her throat and yanked back and forth. I can't imagine my adult cat accepting a new baby like that and tolerating the baby hijinx that way. Evelyn certainly is a saint.