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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Progress on the Mariner's Compass Block

Turns out, arcs really aren't that scary, afterall!

I'm planning a mariner's compass medallion wallhanging and here are the blocks, to date:

Here is the back:

Here it is with the border pinned on:

Here it is on my beloved Janome:

Here is part way throught turning the fabric after stitching the border to the center. Glue stick figured prominently. I've mentioned how much I love glue stick -right?

Don't look too closely at the center.

More of the front:

Here is Pearl with her dad. The lighting is not good because I was only trying to play with the camera. I just liked the picture of the hat.

It is a really gorgeous day and the girls have been able to play out in the yard, all morning.

As cute as these picture are, they do not do justice to how adorable she is.


Anonymous said...

That mariners compass block is jaw dropping beautiful.


Stephanie D. said...

Gorgeous block!

Pearl's legs are getting longer!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME mariner's compass -- is it paper pieced?
Pearl is a precious sweetheart. A bundle of love!

Lisa said...

I'm envious over your perfect points, I can't get good points...


Linda said...

The mariner's compass is truly lovely. I love the colour choices! And Pearl, what a beauty she is!! She just grows by leaps and bounds, doesn't she.
Lurking Linda