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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Setting Limits?

I put the next border on the Mariner's Compass and am now back in my comfort zone of straight lines. Except now, I want to add some more arcs.

We'll see.

We worked with Pearl so she learned how to work the dog door. She didn't learn as quickly as Jezebel, who had it down immediately. I suspect Jezebel learned so quickly because she couldn't bear to be on one side if I was on the other. She'd have gone through fire to keep from being separated from her family. Evelyn and Pearl took about the same amount of time to learn (very quickly). It took Sapphire forever but she was older when we got the door.

So now Pearl can work the dog door and go up (although not down) stairs. That puts Evelyn at a disadvantage because she has fewer places to retreat. I separated Pearl from her a couple of times today because she was being such a pest. As I am typing this, Pearl has a frozen peanut butter kong in her crate to let Evelyn relax (with a frosty paw).

Hard to know how to handle this. Evelyn ran Jezebel ragged and Jezebel wouldn't put her paw down. Moreover, she didn't enjoy the attention.

Evelyn seems to enjoy and love Pearl and is not adverse to setting limits most of the time.

But sometimes, like in the video I added, today, she seems to just put up with it long after she is having fun. That is why Pearl ended up in the crate. I am not sure that is the right thing to do but we're playing it by ear.

Here is a video of how ridiculous Pearl was, today.

And here is how Evelyn finally brought it to an end:

I can't say as I agree with Evelyn's tactics.

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Infinity Quilter said...

Pearl will be going down the stairs before you know it! It took Sonny a long time before he would go down, now hubby wishes he never would have learned. Sonny likes to go in the basement and scare the fish when hubby goes to clean the tanks out. Pearl is getting so big! Give them both a big hug and kiss from Auntie Amy.