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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Continuing Evolution of Evelyn

Oh, thank god I was able to do some stitching, today. It's been more than two weeks.

I have wanted to make a "true" Mariner's Compass but haven't been ready to make the leap. Unlike Carol Doak's patterns, a true Mariner's Compass has arcs as well as points and those are scary. I bought this book and really like it. Lots of good instruction, photos and patterns. If I mess this up, it will be all on me.

I haven't put the border on the block, which is a tricky part. Hope I don't mess it up. This was about the simplest pattern in the book. Mariner's Compass blocks are so intricate that even a simple one looks pretty fabulous.

Did I mention that I am sooooo happy to get some stitching time? It calms me. It really does.

Guess who showed up,today?


Seriously, there was a complete evolution in Evelyn, today. Like a switch was thrown. It was like she became more... I dunno... powerful. Confident, in charge, more expressive. It is as if she suddenly saw herself as on a different level than the pup.

Evelyn adores this baby. I am astonished how she let's her in her space and allows her to crawl all over her. She loves playing with her. And patient, good heavens. Look at this next picture - see the baby's paw? How cute is that?

But today was different. We used to laugh that we were the mom and dad, Jezebel was our little girl - and Evelyn was her dog.

Today, Evelyn seemed to morph into something beyond a dog. She sat with us on the couch. She set the baby in her place several times. She made constant eye contact with us when the pup was acting up. She is doing what Jezebel used to do, i.e., she is starting to be everywhere to keep track of everyone. To understand what a big deal this is, you have to understand that two months ago, I am not sure Evelyn even knew what to do to get fed. She just walked around and it appeared, apparently. If she keeps this up, I would not be surprised to see her go for a squirrel.

She got so exasperated with the pup, earlier, who was being unruly, that she lay down next to her and held her down with her chin. Sapphire used to do that.

All that being said, she has played lovingly with Pearl all day and is doing it now. But she glances over at us to see if we are as amused as she is. It does my heart good to know that instead of retreating to her shell with the vivacious baby, that she is coming out of her shell.

What a good day.


ranette said...

OMG, your Mariner's Compass is wonderful! I've only made a mariner's compass block once. It went into a shop hop quilt a few years ago and I had to have some help. LOL

I can see the change in Evelyn in the pictures, amazing. Pearl sure looks happy and carefree.

Linda said...

I'm so enjoying the pictures and video's of Evelyn & Pearl, so happy they are becoming great friends. Your quilting is great too!