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Friday, December 12, 2008

Puppy Announcement

Angel's Puppies are Here! 3 girls, 1 boy - all doing well. They were born December 11, 2008. Crystal is due between now and the 16th. (Breeder has two litters due). I don't know where we are on the waiting list but am happy that there are several girls. That should help.


Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed!


Linda said...

Oh yay! Maybe a Pearl on the way! Take care.
Lurking Linda

Holee said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Pearl is one of the newbies!

Lisa said...

My fingers are crossed too!!

Stephanie D. said...

Woohoo! Or, as Evelyn would say, AAAROOOOOO!

Nanci said...

I'm assuming, since I just found your blog that you had to put down a mate to your sweet dog. I lost my darling english cocker last november and am still in mourning even though Wilson the Wonder dog is a great little companion.
Dogs touch our hearts like no other animal can. I feel the loss in your comments, but also feel the joy that your family will have a new addition soon.

Nanci said...

OMG meant to comment on the blow up christmas crap. I feel that I should have a blow dart gun for all of them. So absolutely tacky!
Should be outlawed.
I saw one floating away last week, don't know what happened to it, but the snowman looked like he was waving. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Can you just picture how cute those puppies are!? Oh, I would love to see them!!

Paula said...

Woo Hoo!!! There's bound to be a Pearl in that bunch. All fingers and toes are crossed.