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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vintage Puppy Photos to Get You in the Mood

The breeder has assured us that we WILL be getting a little girl, either from Angel (born on the 11th) or Crystal (due any time). I am in the mood for some vintage puppy photos. These aren't that good of shots but they make me smile.

Here is a picture of Evelyn and Martin (I posted a video of Martin a few days) when they were wee pups. They are only a week apart in age.

Evelyn and Jezebel:

Evelyn had quite the top knot!


Pati said...

That's great news! And the puppy photos are great! I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby. I love puppies and puppy breath.

Linda said...

Ooooh, wonderful vintage pictures. Can't wait to see new baby pictures! Soon, soon! Enjoy your trip down memory lane as you wait for your new baby--end of January maybe?
Lurking Linda

Owens Family Adventures said...

Hey, got a question for ya....did they girls sing when they were puppies or did they start when they got older?? So glad you are getting a little girl to help your heart heal!!!