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Friday, December 12, 2008

Follow up to the post about the abominable inflatable lawn ornaments

It just gets worse.

While driving home from work, I passed the godforsaken-inflated-nativity-scene. There was a brisk north wind and the scene was making a valiant but unsuccessful effort to remain upright. Unfortunately, the north end had started to give way and was bobbing wildly. Joseph was all over the place. Who knew he was so energetic at his age? The scene was wildly flapping and, frankly, looked obscene. I wanted to yell at Joseph, "Get hold of yourself, man!! She just gave birth!!"

The sheep looked like it was biting the baby Jesus.

You probably had to be there. Count your blessings that you weren't. Those things should be banned.


Kim West said...

I hate those things too!!! they are ALL over here in the neighborhood that I live in. We are not allowed to have our Christmas lights on during the day (military housing rules) so it is like a weird bomb went off.

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog entries! The boots are too much! But then to read your thoughts on the Nativity just cracked me up! While we have our fair share of inflatable snow globes, santas, and the lot...I have not seen the nativity! (by we...I don't mean, we as in this house...but we as in the neigborhood! get it?)

What's worse I think is when they aren't inflated, and just lying 'dead' on the ground in a heap. A dead nativity...how sad is that!

Paula said...

Penny, you are so darned entertaining...you need to consider writing a book!! Now when I see an inflatable Santa that's deflated and on the ground, I'll think of you and wonder if you snuck down here and shot him. Thanks for the laughs.


Penny said...

Let me just add that in my internet research, I came across an inflatable "crime scene," complete with yellow tape and gore. I think it was supposed to be set out at Halloween.

Personally, I think the nativity scene I drove past today had a crime going on.

Lisa said...

I'm one of those with the awful ornaments, but my grandkids love them and they are so easy to set up. Plus when we have really bad winds like we had Thursday morning they don't get blown over. We had to pick the reindeers up, fix some of the stings of lights and Santa was blown out of the carriage on the roof...Yuck and he was dripping wet from the rain...
At least the inflatables don't get soggy wet...