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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alternative blocks

I am getting down to only needing a few more Patriotic Blocks before I can start thinking about how I want to put it together. I'm thinking that I might go with the following alternative block:

I might make the center paper pieced whirligig from scraps used from the other blocks but haven't decided, yet. It is still a work in progress.

Jezebel's whiskers are growing back and snuggling with her is like kissing husband on Sunday. She tried to fake him out again at 2:30 a.m. She charged screaming down the stairs and when he went to open the back door, she switched around to try to jump back into the bed. However, he is on to her tricks and insisted that she go outside to pee. She got back at him - she wouldn't come back in. He had to get up to go to work at 5:00 while she slept late and snuggled.

Husband - 1
Jezebel - 2


Stephanie D. said...

That should be gorgeous!

Look at the third row down, first block. What about changing that for another pointed star block? Because you have a secondary pattern going on there that looks like a giant check mark right now, but with another star block, would looks like a V for victory, maybe.

Do you see it?

Oh, and I'm having a little giveaway at my place this week!

Anonymous said...

There is a giant check mark! Something to me didn't jive...but I didn't see the check mark.

It is going to be a striking quilt!

I am secretly rooting for Jezebel! Sorry husband!!


Nancy said...

Jezebel has an excellent sense of humor! We have an 11 year old cat that periodically announces she still here, at 4-430 am some nights. My husband just loves that.