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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jezebel's Second Radiation Treatment

Jezebel had her second radiation therapy, today. It went well. We got there early and walked around the building for awhile waiting for them to open. A vagrant was lurking near one end of the parking lot and it was still darkish so Jezebel and I stayed up by the front door.

They have nice furniture and rugs in the waiting rooms and examining rooms. The furniture looks antique but it is pretty roughed up and obviously intended to be pet friendly. Here she is on the doggie chaise lounge:

She crawled up on a church pew and lay down next to me while waiting for Nurse Grace to come get her. Here are a couple more pictures:

She has actually gained a tiny bit of weight, which they are happy about because some dogs lose weight during treatment. Yup, this is Jezebel – get serious. There is no such thing as a dog biscuit that doesn’t have her name on it - even those that belong to Evelyn.

Nurse Claudia grew up with Samoyeds and is thrilled to be working with Jezebel (“She is so cuddly!”). I suspect Claudia shoved aside all the nurses to get the chance to work with another Samoyed – who wouldn’t??? She let me look at the CT scan test results. I don’t know what they meant but there you go. Apparently, the shoot the radiation at Jezebel’s muzzle from the sides.

Claudia said she did beautifully. I picked her up before she had completely come out of it which in some ways made it easier on her because she slept all the way home. She has been sleeping it off all afternoon. She hasn't really gotten her land legs, yet. No pain meds offered or expected to be needed. If this goes like the other visits, she should be up and at 'em tomorrow like this never happened.

They re-applied her war paint but tell me that they won’t shave her muzzle anymore. Hopefully, that means the white hair should be back in a matter of days or weeks. In certain light, you can already see that it is well on the way. They also said that, more than likely, she won’t even get a burn on her nose. She goes back next Thursday for her third radiation treatment (when she might get the burn) and her next vaccine injection.

Evelyn was thrilled to see us when we got home. Husband said she commenced to howling before we’d even gotten out of the garage but since he was working at home, she settled right back down.

I’m off to check on her – she is starting to become more alert. I bet she is hungry.


Holee said...

Jezebel looks like she is getting use to all this doctor stuff!

I'm afraid Griz doesn't do as well. He wraps himself around my legs and hides behind me at the vets. He is also sleeping it off. He cornered a chipmunk this morning. It bit him in the leg several times before it took off.

Jezebel did well with her doo. Griz is not going to like his shaved leg at all! I have the cone collar ready to keep him from biting the stitches out.

I'm surprised that Evelyn doesn't lick Jezebels face. They seem to do so well together considering the changes. I hope next treatment goes well without a burn..that might really bother her.

Jacquie said...

Good for her! And so how are you doing with all of this? Keeping your chin up I hope!

Nancy said...

Sounds like Jez is doing really well. You're so fortunate to be able to do this for her. Hopefully all goes well next week, no burn. Hang in there.

Stephanie D. said...

I'm glad things are going so well and Jezebel is taking it all in stride. What a trooper!

Bless Evelyn's heart; she just wants to go along as protector and moral supporter.