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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dog Day

The girls have never been to the groomer. They have rarely had baths because I am a bad dog mom and nothing sticks to their waxy coats, anyway. The notion of coming up with the fortune it takes to professional groom a Samoyed has kept me from making the jump. My kids will tell you that I am cheap.

Yesterday, however, I finally called and made an appointment for Jezebel for this morning. Husband had given me a gift certificate for Christmas, and the neighbors gave me another one for my birthday. The groomer asked if Jezebel was a good dog and I lied through my teeth insisting that she is a sweetheart. No, she won’t bite but it is going to be a lot like washing a cat. I lost sleep over that, last night.

No sooner had I hung up than I realized the insanity of trying to take Jezebel, alone. She will freak out. I called back and they claimed they could do Evelyn at the same time. Evelyn won't give them any trouble but I figure they will still do a lousy job, take my money, then shake their head at what a bad dog mom I am. Husband has instructed me that the girls are NOT to come back with poodle-like balls of hair at their knees and ankles.

So I am taking the girls in this morning and they have a veterinarian appointment, this afternoon. This is going to be an extremely expensive day after all that plus buying their heart worm medicine and Frontline. Right now, I need to go follow them around the back yard to try to get individual stool samples. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, following the dogs around! That's my husband's job!! Getting a urine sample...now that's fun too!!
Good luck!