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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frou Frou Girls

Well, we went to the groomer and the girls were little angels.

First of all, they were absolutely thrilled to be able to go. Check out Evelyn (in the corner with her tongue out looking like a goofball). Jezebel was just so excited to see the leash that she couldn’t contain herself. There looks like there is something wrong with her - with both of them, actually. Jezebel really does have lovely teeth, can you see them?

Once we got there, Cameron, the groomer, took them back to be washed and dried. I understand Jezebel hated it but was still a good girl. They let the girls stay near each other during this stage.

While the girls were being bathed, I wandered next door to get a father’s day card for the girls to give to Husband. A clerk asked me if I needed help (the short answer would be – yes) and I muttered that I was looking for a father’s day card from an, er, dog…” “YOU WANT A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY FROM THE DOG!!!!???” the clerk asked, loudly. Several people in the store looked over at me.

“Um, yes. But I think a religious card would be a little over the top.”

Eventually, I found one I can live with. One of the customers walked by and whispered that she bought cards for her dogs to give her husband on Father’s Day and was glad to know other people did, too.

I ate lunch then went back to the groomer. Eventually, they brought Jezebel out front to be trimmed. I hid behind a cart filled with canned dog food so she couldn’t see me. Accordingly, the pictures aren’t all that good. She was really good for Cameron but you could tell she hated all of it. I was so impressed that she let him tug on her, clip her feet and ears, and put up with the clipper. She didn’t like it when they worked under her tail and tried to sit down. Who can blame her!!

When they finished with Jezebel, they brought out Evelyn. That girl looked like she enjoyed every minute of it! She was interested in the other dogs, the new smells, the attention. I took about a zillion pictures of her and in almost every one, she had her ears up and looked relaxed and happy.

Cameron was covered with hair. Here is a picture of him picking hair out of his mouth.

Once we got home, the girls ran out back. Here is Jezebel with her fluffy, frou frou coat.

Here is Evelyn.

Here are the two girls on the stairs. I think they are adorable.

After going to the groomer, they went to the vet for their annual checkup and vaccinations. Both got clean bills of health and, again, were really good girls.

Not much work done, today, and the hounds are exhausted. So am I.


Suzanne Earley said...

they are beautiful!

my girl just got a haircut. we (well, my husband...) do it ourselves. she hated having her feet worked on. who knew a 25 pound dog would require two grown adults to hang onto her. she's strong!

Anonymous said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

We have greyhounds..not much grooming going on there!! Glad it worked out for them!

Penny said...

Quite a difference from a greyhound, for sure.

In my post, I should have described the CAT they were shaving at the groomers at its owner's request. Most bizarre thing I've seen in a long time.

Stephanie said...

They are lovely, and it looks like they are prissing right along there! lol They have the right.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that you have 2 of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen! All we ever had in the country in Bama were Saint Bernards.....they working farm dogs...They were pretty but not like your 2...