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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Second Birthday, Pearl!!

Pearl is two years old, today!

It is hard to believe it has been a whole year since her first birthday.  So much has changed, since then.  We left out of Virginia the very next day, earlier than planned, trying to outrun a snowstorm that was taking aim at the east coast. We still managed to hit a few flurries and ice before we stopped for the night but, overall, the trip west was easy.  But on her birthday, we were primarily engaged in packing up, loading the car, saying our goodbyes and making sure we didn't forget anything.

Girls in the empty house right before we left:
It is one thing to head out knowing you'll be back.  It is another to shut that door and know that is the last time you'll ever walk in that place - or even see it.  We were happy there and it was a loving home so a big part of me regretted having to say goodbye.  Of course, the larger part of me was on fire with delight at coming back home.  And I haven't had a single instant of regret.  If anything, the joy has deepened over time as the realization that I am safely back home, for good, has solidified.
Today, however, we are having fun with Pearl and enjoying "her" day.  She woke us up to screaming out the north window because the bunnies were vexing her (floppy eared sons of b*tches!).   After she managed to run them off, she jumped back into bed with us to snuggle and smooch.  She and Evelyn have been playing and wrassling in great spirits.  I suspect the cold front that is barreling this way from the north has them feeling frisky even though it hasn't arrived, yet.  Pearl will get a new toy, later, and tonight, they'll get Frosty Paws.
I may work on Lady Melinda in a bit - time to start coloring in her face:
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Anonymous said...

WOW time flies!
Happy Birthday Pearl!

Carol said...

Happy birthday to Pearl. Our Eskie celebrates on the 15th :)

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Pearl!!

I look forward to seeing the next stage of Lady Melinda. She is looking great so far.

Paula in Studio City, CA said...

Belated Happy Birthday, sweet Pearl! I hope you and Evelyn enjoyed the Frosty Paws.