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Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Pearl!

Pearl is one year old, today!

She was such a little thing when she came home.  I used to call her Itty Bitty.  Here she is in her dad's arms the day we brought her home.

The first day, next to Evelyn.  Evelyn looks gigantic.

She was a sweet, sweet puppy and remains that way.

The girls became friends immediately.

I give Saint Evelyn a lot of credit for the success of their relationship.

At a certain point, Pearl entered the "awkward" age that most Samoyeds go through. 

Here she is getting her monkey face going. 

Most Samoyeds get a monkey face for a few months as their ruff starts to grow in.

Some get it worse than others.


It is hard to look glamorous covered with mud.

Here is a picture showing her tail growing in.  Who knew it would end up so magnificent?

This here is a monkey face!

At this point, she is still a baby but thinks she is grown.

Mercy, look at those long legs.

Pearl started to grow into her long legs and ears.

I am not sure she will ever grow into her ears.  She frequently looks like Yoda.

She is even starting to pull off the "wet" look without looking utterly ridiculous.

Never saw a tail this pretty.

Yup, she began getting hints of beauty.

See her ruff starting to fill in?

All of a sudden, she was nearly as big (or as big) as her sister and started looking like a young lady.

This captures her sweetness.

And then, she WAS as big as her sister.

She is so busy, that it is hard to find shots where she looks "mature."

Looking grown.

She is turning into a beauty.

But she is still a puppy!

This will be an insanely busy day.  Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, loading, loading, loading.  We head out, tomorrow, so this is the day I need to have things ready to walk away.
But we'll take time for presents and Frosty Paws, tonight. 

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Pearl! She is so beautiful and her big sister too. I love all the pictures.

I hope you have a safe trip home, I know how hard it can be traveling with two big dogs. We travel 900 miles twice a year with our girls.

Will be looking forward to more pictures of the girls in Oklahoma.

Suzanne Kistler said...

Happy Birthday to Pearl!

Safe travels back home. You'll be in my thoughts as you make the journey. I look forward to seeing a post from Oklahoma!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Pearl with all of us - I've enjoyed watching her grow up. Travel safely - I don't "know" you but I sure will be thinking and worrying about you on your trip.


Shogun said...

Great photo story - those dogs are soooo cute I wish I could reach through the monitor and hug them.

Thearica said...

Happy Birthday Pearl!

Safe trip ahead Penny! Please let us know as soon as you drive in!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Pearl. What a great year it's been! Thanks for all the pictures, Penny. You've certainly welcomed all us into your life! Have a safe trip all of you.
Lurking Linda

Infinity Quilter said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been a YEAR already!?!?! Happy Birthday Pearl from me and the boys!

Anonymous said...

It IS hard to believe it's been a year. Happy Birthday Pearl!
Safe travels to you all. Look forward to your first post from home.

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Pearl!!!!

Thank you for sharing all those beautiful photos.

Travel safely.

swooze said...

Bon voyage!

Mary said...

It was great to see the pictures of Pearl growing over the last year. She was a cute baby but a beautiful dog now and I'm a cat person, but I enjoy your pictures and your love for your pets.
Have a very safe trip to OK and keep us posted on life in the new digs.
Mary in AZ

Stephanie D. said...

Wow. I've seen her grow through your pictures this past year, and yet, it's a revelation to see it all at once like this. I remember there came a point where I could no longer tell them apart and it was a surprise.

Hope your trip is uneventful--in a good way! Traveling mercies to you and yours!

charlie said...

They grow so fast...Have a safe trip

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pearl!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Love all the pictures. It's been fun watching her different stages this past year. Hugs to Ms. Evelyn, too. Such a classy dog,

Have an uneventful trip and wonderful Holiday Season.


BilboWaggins said...

Happy Birthday baby dog. She's so grown up already but will always be your darling baby.

You have such a wonderful archive of pictures of them both, thank you for sharing.