"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Road to Oklahoma

We are on the road and left a practically empty house.

The girls were completely freaked out.

They just didn't know what to think.

Pearl was rolling with it until her crate was broken down and that was just too much.

She was a basket case after that.

Hard to believe that we won't be back.

I just like looking at the house pictures.  It looks clean.  I have been cleaning for weeks. 

We managed to leave at about 11:45.  Pearl and Evelyn first rode with their dad but at the first break, two hours down the road, Pearl began riding with me.  Look at that pretty curly coat:

She was pretty excited and did a great job.

Evelyn is an excellent traveler but I have rarely seen a happier dog than she was once she got furniture. She does NOT like to sleep on the floor for any length of time.  That has been the hardest part of the move, for her. 

Look at that face!

The girls were worn out, as were we after about 7 hours on the road. 

But like I said, Evelyn was thrilled.

This is a picture of the girls glancing back when their dad walked in from getting something from the car.

Pearl started to get pretty tired.

So did Evelyn.  Look at those sleepy eyes.

They started winding down within about a half hour of our arrival.

Sweet Pearl.  What an angel.

Next stop, Arkansas.

Oh wait, I forgot to share a picture of Pearl with one of her birthday presents (she also got an Oklahoma bison and Frosty Paws).

Yes, you guessed it, it is a skunk.
Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Pati said...

Have safe travels Penny! The girls look completely happy to be in the bed!

Thearica said...

I know you are so excited to be almost home I bet you dont sleep a wink tonight!

In one of your photos we almost get to see husband! (half a face)...How about introducing us to your sweet man! :)

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet!

Shogun said...

I like the doggie seat belts and the great skunk toy!

BilboWaggins said...

I love the pictures of Evelyn crashing out. It is so lovely that you understand how tiring the girls will find the journey, not just you. All the best for the remainder of your route.

Thearica said...

Hope you made it safe and sound! Looking forward to hearing from you and PHOTOS of your home out there!

JessicaSews said...

Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Hope you made it home and all is well!