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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Weave Quilt is Quilted!

Two posts in a day - I finished quilting the Weave Quilt.  I'd started it back in Virginia and can't believe it is finally finished.  It was one of those projects that was ready to go but placed on the back burner during the move.  Now that I have my studio pretty much set up, and the weather is cooperating, spending a few hours resulted in a nice quilt.  Here are some photos of the back (don't look too close):
This should really pop once I wash it and tighten the weave:
It still needs a binding but here it is on the bed:
I had to fight Pearl to get her off.  She thinks anything on the bed belongs to her.  She was so disappointed that I made her get down that I gave in and let her back up:
 She immediately wanted to take a nap:
 Is she a darling, or what?
 She couldn't keep her eyes open:
 This was actually taken when I was originally telling her she couldn't stay on the bed:
 This was taken when I told her she could get back up:
 See those sleepy eyes?
 It took her about two minutes to pass out:
 Sweet dreams, Pearlie:
Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


swooze said...

The ears say it all! Are you willing to pass that pattern along? :D Love it!

Penny said...

Swooze, I am sure I wrote down the directions in Virginia but don't know what I have done with them. It is easy enough to figure out, though - I just saw something similar and copied it. I will try to recreate the pattern, sometime soon, and post a tutorial. What the quilt amounts to is alternating snowball blocks (8.5 inches, finished), set on the diagonal. The corners are 3 inch half square triangles, if memory serves (and it may not!). The colors alternate and on the edges you only put on three corners. The second block has a 3.5 inch (finished) center surrounded by the appropriate colors. The colors on that block are 3 inches wide. The trick is to lay it out so the colors create the weave effect. It is a very easy quilt.

Sherry said...

Beautiful quilt!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Good job, my dear. Sure wish there was a long arm in my future, either to rent or own, but alas, no such thing happening. Of course, it would help if I'd work at learning how to quilt using my home machine, but all that bulk just stymies me.

LindaWI said...

Your quilt is beautiful, but more than that, I love how much you love your dogs. We lost one of our dogs this past summer and it makes me so happy to see someone give an animal so much love.

Penny said...

Linda, it is a hard, hard, painful thing to lose your dog and I am so sorry you lost yours. I still get melancholy over losing Jezebel (I posted about her cancer fight back in summer/fall of 2008). I always loved mydogs and losing her didn't change that, but I know what you mean when you see people of like mind regarding their dogs.

elsie123 said...

You do beautiful work. So much talent!