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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moonrise and Sick Headaches

I am prone to what my mother used to call, "sick headaches" - the kind that make you nauseous and send you to bed.  They are just miserable.  These aren't migraines.  I know, because I get them, too.  I was in my forties before I realized they were sinus headaches, probably caused by allergies.  Up to that point, I happily (and smugly) assumed I didn't suffer from allergies. 
All attempts to tie these to food allergies (that I can control) have failed.  Just when I convince myself that I got a "sick headache" as a result of eating a hard cheese or chocolate, or because I drank red wine, I realize that when my head is about to explode and what little drainage I am getting is going to my stomach and making me nauseous, Husband is sneezing and clearing his throat.  While all that throat clearing is slightly annoying, it is not particularly painful or debilitating.

I envy him. I admit it. For a period, last spring, my system switched around and I got the runny nose and cough instead of the awful headache and nausea. It was heaven. I was hoping it would last. Blessedly, I haven't gotten nearly as many headaches since we moved back home and I suspect it is because we have fewer trees.

Yesterday, I woke up with one of those sick headaches but miserably dragged myself to class, anyway.  I sketched a basketball, all the time wanting to crawl in a hole somewhere and vomit.  I hobbled home, took to my bed and didn't roust myself until about 4:00 in the afternoon.  My head was still hammering but the agony, nausea and lethargy had eased.  Nothing really helps, medically, once I get them.  Taking over the counter allergy medication doesn't seem to consistently help, either.    
So it was with delight that I woke up early, this morning (5:30) with nothing left but a mild ache in my right temple. I took a hot shower then sat in the dark on the patio with the girls, gazing at the stars and counting my blessings: A new grandson on the way, good health, a comfortable home, happy children, the phone not ringing with unhappy people on the other end, the barn, Husband, on and on...  I know it can't last, won't last.  Life doesn't work that way.  So I am wallowing in it while it rests upon me. 

I watched a sliver of a moon rise, then saw a shooting star. I couldn't think of one thing to wish for since I have so much, already. I worry that I am tempting the gods to smite me for my happiness - but what can you do?  They might smite me for being ungrateful, too.  Husband wandered out while I was finishing up my second cup of coffee and I was jabbering about what I want to accomplish today.  I suspect he almost pined for the time when I was too sick to make a lot of racket (he is not a morning person, whereas I don't even need coffee). I told him I wished I could make time stand still. I'd expected the new to wear off by this time (it has been ten months since we moved back home) but I only seem to fall deeper into contentment.

Off to get a mammogram and a bone density scan.  You know I am a happy woman when even that doesn't dim my enthusiasm. 

Happy Quilting, Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Amanda karol said...

DayQuil and Nyquil sinus is the best OTC medication in the world! They even sell them in combo boxes!

I'm not a big pill pusher...but honestly...THE best!

Penny said...

I'll try them, Amanda - thanks!

Stephanie D. said...

That mammogram would be enough to initiate another sick headache--all that pressure has to go somewhere.

Miriam said...

Penny, have you tried garlic and horseradish tablets. They work wonders for my DS.
I hope the mammogram and bone density tests both bring good results.