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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Rest for the Wicked

I am so exhausted, I just want to go back to bed.  But no rest for the wicked.

After going down to the basement, I was horrified to realize just how ghastly it was.  I never go down there so didn't know.  After spending about ten minutes silently screaming, I went upstairs, e-mailed husband (who I knew was in a meeting) that if I didn't hear from him I was pulling up the carpet. 

I then turned off the phone and headed downstairs.  The carpet was yanked up within thirty minutes.  I then checked my e-mail and saw where husband had sent back an e-mail telling me to leave the carpet alone.  But it was too late.  Gosh, sorry about that.

I scrubbed the walls, which were just ungodly. 

If you look at that pole in the center of the room you'll notice it is black, especially on the right side. That is where the girls would walk by it with muddy coats. Yuck. It's clean, now.

And husband's office was a disaster.  Is he mentally ill????  He smokes a pipe and the walls were stained.  The safe left rust on the carpet.  He apparently let the girls come running in straight from being outside and never bothered to wipe their feet.   I left the carpet in there but it isn't salvageable.  I had hoped to avoid having to shampoo the carpet before we left but I think I need to at least give it a go in there.  Drat.  I could live with missing a few sales but hate for the neighbors to see that.  And you know they are going to come look!

We are scheduled to close on my mother's house in a few days and the paperwork for our signatures is supposed to arrive this morning.  Yeah!  Hopefully, that will go smoothly and I won't have to deal with it after it is signed, notorized and fed exed back. 

I got a TON of things done, yesterday, but my hands are killing me (hauling carpets used muscles not normally used).  Our mattress goes in the dumpster this evening so no more sleeping in a bed for a few days.  I dread that.  Evelyn's beloved love seat went into the dumpster, last night (if looks could kill...), and she loses her chair, tonight, the saucy little minx!  The picnic table we've been using is also going into the dumpster. 

I spent a good part of yesterday changing addresses on upteen different accounts and utilities.  I also scheduled cancellation of the phones and garbage pickup, and added my sister-in-law as a backup contact for the girls' microchips should they get lost.   Heaven forbid.  The fridge is nearly empty and I'll be able to clean it, today. 

My hands are trashed from chemicals on top of being sore.

I want to crawl back into bed!

But that's okay - this time next week, I'll have been home for two days!  And it looks like we are going to get lucky on the weather and catch a break between systems.  Pray for good weather.

Happy Quilting (and cleaning!)

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


BilboWaggins said...

This is the hard and horrible bit Penny, but just hang on to the thought of WHY you are doing all this - It Will All Be Worth It In The End.

swooze said...

Big hugs! Almost over...almost over...

Stephanie D. said...

Even if you'd had time to sew, your hands probably wouldn't have let you.

That's what Merry Maids are for!

Thearica said...

WOW!! Can you believe within a week you will be home!