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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dirty Jobs

If all goes well, this time next week we’ll wake up back home. And then the unpacking/Christmas wrapping/non-virtual Christmas shopping begins. I’ll make a decision of what I want to do about the job hunt after the first of the year.

Husband replaced the girls’ dog door with the original and they are perplexed and NOT pleased. Pearl looked confused but Evelyn got downright cranky about it.

The house continues to get more and more empty. The deck is cleared.

The storeroom has been cleared out.  I am going to miss the storeroom.

I took the food to the food bank. Dropped off books at the Thrift Store. All the bathrooms have been scrubbed (we’ll do a touch up right before we head out the door). I picked up the girl’s vet records, yesterday, and filled a prescription at Wal-Mart (that can be transferred to Oklahoma) to tide me over until I can find a new doc. I mailed a box of miscellaneous things so I’d have more room in the car. I am not sure it was cost effective to spend $26.00 to mail plastic tubs, a dog dish and cleaning rags but sentimental value should count for something. I cleaned the fireplace and scrubbed and waxed the wood floors and banister.

Today, I will schedule the cancellation of some utility services and/or change addresses. They have begun forwarding our mail. I also plan to scrub the basement.

Oh Lord.

The girls have slapped mud on the stairway walls but it usually cleans easily. Now that they’ve lost their beloved dog door, I’ll be able to keep it clean. Cleaning the basement is a HUGE, dirty job. Husband has used it for his workshop and the girls have essentially used it as a dog house since their dog door allowed them free access.

I’ll need to sweep it and scrub the walls.

Fortunately, the walls are semi gloss and easy to wipe clean. The carpet is non salvageable but it was that way when we moved in. It is not a finished basement so I am not overly concerned.

Yes, that is a mouse hole.

In a fit of whimsy, Husband built a mouse hole so our old girl, Sapphire, would have her own lair. She actually used it but I don’t think the other ones have.

I’ll also roll up my sleeves and tackle cleaning the fridge.  I'll probably bite the bullet and start tossing things from the freezer. Husband has selflessly taken on the chore of eating up the ice cream over the past few weeks. Coincidentally, during the same time, he has repeatedly expressed surprise that he is so COLD. For some reason, the fact that he hasn’t connected the two amuses me to no end and I have just been waiting for it to occur to him.

I am easily entertained.

I find that particular picture of Pearl in the wedding veil entertaining.  Actually, I think the look on Evelyn's face (she is getting so sassy, these days) is what really makes me laugh. 

We have a contract on a house that we are selling in Texas and they picked this weekend to close. Allegedly, they’ll overnight things for our signature to arrive Thursday morning so I’ll need to sign them, get them notarized and shoot ‘em back. Let’s hope it is that easy. I let them know that anything that arrives after Thursday is not going to be dealt with until next week. No exceptions.

Beyond that, about the only things left to do are wiping nose prints from the windows (truly a last minute chore) and doing a thorough mopping and sweeping. I shampooed the carpet several weeks ago and we’ve been living with rugs all over the place to protect them from muddy feet. We’ll tump the last few things in the dumpster, tomorrow (I do NOT want to give up my mattress!!) and then it is mainly just a question of turning in the cable box, dropping off a television with some neighbors and loading the car.

And to think – I actually thought I’d have time to do some stitching this past two weeks. I’m clearly an idiot. I should have sent my beloved Janome and the last of my sewing things on the moving van so I’d have a lot more room in the car.  Well, anyone who sews knows how hard that would have been.  I just wasn't ready to let go. 

I have a favorite yogurt and ate up the last bit, this morning. I actually considered going to get more when it dawned on me that there are things in the refrigerator that need to be eaten. So I am skipping the trip to the store. Hmm. Probably won’t be going back before we leave!


Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


swooze said...

Wow wow wow! It is all coming to a close. I hope things continue to go well on your packing and move. You really planned things well it seems.

I would have not been able to let go fo my sewing things either.

Suzanne Kistler said...

wow. Your organization is phenomenal! Everything seems to be thought of and taken care of. May your drive home be smooth and trouble free!!!

I'd keep at least one of my machines with me as well. Just in case. ;)

tisme said...

I am so excited for you! Be careful on the road, and hope to see you posting soon from Oklahoma!!

BilboWaggins said...

Thinking of you Penny, hope it continues to go well, that everything fits in the car (when I left our old house for the last time I swear the car had shrunk!!).

Love to the girls, it is strange for them but as long as you are there they know they will be OK.

BilboWaggins said...

PS: Sorry, had to laugh - I knew you were being a bit ambitious thinking you'd get some sewing done!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move :)

Stephanie D. said...

Jiminy! What a ton of stuff left to do!

Maybe you can sleep the whole way there?