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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Too Much Red?

Is this template too much?

Today, we sat around eating chili and cherry pie.  Then, we took a nap.  The absence of clutter has been wonderful.  Tomorrow, I will try to find a place to work on a Sylvia block and maybe clean some scuffs off the walls and scrub some window sills.  Dog noses, you know.

Pearl is about to drive us out of our gourds. 

 She goes in and out and in and out - we let her out of the house and she scritches on the door to come back in within 4 seconds.  We timed her.  She is bored like a little kid.  If she were a little kid, I would give her a chore to keep her occupied.  She would then fake interest in life to get me off her back. 

Evelyn's beloved love seat was moved from our sitting room (she typically slept on it) to the den.  This has become a source of distress. 

The love seat is a remnant of the days when Jezebel was a puppy. I'd started a new job and came home to find the living room strewn with sofa stuffing and a puppy looking horrified. I restuffed it and pinned a towel over the hole. It has been a dog sofa, ever since. It won't make the trip to Oklahoma.

In the following picture, you can see the layout in our room.

To the left, is the sitting room.  To the right, is the bathroom.  The love seat is in the sitting room and you can see it in the picture.   Normally, Evelyn crashes on the love seat while we read in bed and after a few minutes, climbs down and goes to the bathroom where she flops down on the bathroom tile.  Last night, she went in and out and in and out of the sitting room trying to recapture her usual go-to-bed routine.  She got so frustrated that her love seat wasn't there that she finally gave up and climbed into bed with us.  She looked positively disgusted.

The love seat is very cushiony and Pearl is having a hard time walking on it.  It is like a moon walk.

 We moved the love seat to the den so we'd have something to sit on.  Husband is also having a hard time getting out of it, which is just sad.  I hope that is not our future.

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


tisme said...

I think the red is fine, but then red is my favorite color.
Poor little Pearl, remember when your babies were little and changes in routine messed them up, just remember Pearl is confused. She will settle down soon.

Thearica said...

This is too funny! I changed my background from Thanksgiving and chose this exact one just about 5 minutes ago! Then I go blog surfing and see you chose it too!

great minds think alike! :)

Yes, I agree with Tisme...when I read about her activity the other day when your hubby had to scold her so bad, I was thinking she is just confused with all of the chaos of moving.

BilboWaggins said...

Happy Thanksgiving Penny. I spent it at the soup kitchen in our town serving drinks & hot food to emergency workers and people who have had their homes and shops flooded. One heck of a way to be reminded of all I have to be thankful for - a lady whose business or home is flooded, she told me "if I was in Indonesia there would be no roads, no electricity, no health workers - it's not hard to keep things in perspective". She left me speechless and you know how often I am lost for words . . .

the red - hmm, yes, OK for one day as a novelty but for me, it will get old very quickly, bit too much of a good thing. If I read the blog in Google Reader however, I don't see it. It is your blog, you should do just what you want with it.

Love to the girls, xx

BilboWaggins said...

Me again, thinking about Pearl. We moved house when Ollie as 2½ and had only been with us for just under 2 years. He was SO anxious watching the furniture go out of the house and panicing in case he was going to be abandoned again that he virtually made himself sick - have you ever seen a dog on the verge of hyperventilating?

Maybe Pearl is feeling insecure? the only home she has known with you is being taken apart - heck, that's enough to bother anyone.

Penny said...

Bilbo, she certainly is confused and is one of those dogs that is afraid of loud noices like thunder. At one point during the loading of the truck, they began tossing things into the dumpster, which caused very loud, low pitched, clanging and banging. Pearl nearly lost her mind on the back deck and I had to bring her in. She was throwing herself against the back door in a complete panic, poor darling. The pictures of her snoozing on the stairs were taken after she calmed down. I couldn't leave her, after that. She'd freak if couldn't see me.

BilboWaggins said...

OK, let's try that again without all the typos:

Sounds very much like Ollie. All you can do in these situations is be there for them. Forget all the training advice about ignoring them and not reinforcing the behaviour - that is *@#%$* when a beloved dog is scared witless.

Shogun said...

I personally like red, and especially red, black and white.
I have a cat that will go in and out every 5 seconds, scritch scratch on the window or door each time. We recently moved a piece of furniture (a very tall piece) that the kitten could get to on his own, but now he can't, and he cries and cries where the furniture was. We're trying to make him happy and make the new formation fun, too.