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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pearl is Blowing Her Coat

I cannot BELIEVE this, but Pearl is blowing her coat!!

My other girls didn't blow their coats until they were nearly three.  She makes it hard to brush her because she keeps flipping over on her back to get her belly rubbed. 

We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, last night.

 We didn't have Thanksgiving dinner because, 1) we were tired from loading the truck the previous day; and 2) it was so wet and muddy that we knew that if we went out to eat, the girls would be complete mudballs by the time we got back.  Plus, we knew we had a nice dinner planned for the weekend.

While we were there, husband walked to the restroom and ran into a darling little boy (maybe six?) wearing an Oklahoma Sooners sweatshirt rushing out.  The little boy's eightish looking sister had her own Oklahoma Sooners sweatshirt on and we ended up talking with their parents about how wonderful Oklahoma is and how much we all miss it.  We rarely see anyone from Oklahoma out here and it was quite a coincidence to see a whole herd of Okies decked out in Sooner garb at a nice restaurant during the same time period that we are moving home.   They were a bit envious.

The staff all came out and took pictures and hugged us.  One cried.  We go there, often, and will miss them. 

I dreamed I got a new job, last night.  The new job involved hauling a chimp around in a sling.  It doesn't take much a seer to interpret that I'm thinking a job would be a monkey on my back, eh?  Oh, and while carrying around the chimp, I was walking on ice that was cracking.  Thin ice?  I think there is some stress going on...  Clearly, I am not too mysterious, even in my dreams. 

The girls are trying to adjust to all the changes.  Fortunately, they can entertain themselves pretty well.

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Shogun said...

OK, so I am dummy - what is blowing a coat?

Penny said...

Shogun, northern dogs like Samoyeds are two coated. The bottom coat is like down, soft and fuzzy. In fact, people will spin it to make yarn. Their top coat consists of long, silver tipped guard hais - could be several inches long. Once or twice a year, they shed the undercoat (the down) and it comes out like pulling yarn off a spool. You can hardly believe it if you didn't see it. The picture I put in the blog is just from a small section of Pearl's hip. Because it has to get through the top coat, you have to be careful that it doesn't mat. That is called "blowing their coat."

Anonymous said...

Your doggies are so adorable, I love the pictures of them playing.

Penny said...

Cher, Pearl thinks she is bad!! They never actually bite. I stick my hand right in between them all the time and they instantly melt and give me a kiss, then go right back to fussing at each other. It is all show.

Paula in Studio City, CA said...

Miss Pearl is certainly precocious! Blowing her coat at such a young age is surprising. I was looking at your blog from when she was a tiny morsel....what a big girl she is now! And Evelyn clearly loves her younger sister. Seeing them warms my heart. (And makes me want a Sammie even more!) Happy Holidays to you all!

Shogun said...

Thank you for explaining about the fur!