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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dare To Be Ugly Challenge

Do you remember some months ago when I blogged about the Dare to be Ugly Challenge? That was the challenge where we had butt ugly CAT fabric decorated with p*mps, prostitutes, p*rn and pushers. We were challenged to use a half yard of it on any type of project we wanted. The depraved little cat lovers all thought the fabric was just darling, the wicked heathens. I thought it should be used to line a litter box. Here is a link to what I posted, with pictures.

But getting past my personal angst, let me just share that over on the HGTV message board, Quiltaholic (the hostess with the mostess) has put up photos of the different projects we came up with. At this stage of the challenge, we are still anonymous so I can't confess as to which one is mine.  I really enjoyed seeing the different directions everyone went with them.   Just a really creative and talented bunch over there!

We are getting to the homestretch on packing for the trucks that are due to arrive on Wednesday. Except for one box, everything in my sewing room/office is either packed to go on the moving van, set aside to take in the car cross country, or is destined for garage sale or Goodwill. The one box that isn’t sealed has business records and I am still waiting on correspondence from the courts so I can close out the last six cases. If the paperwork isn’t here by Wednesday, I am sealing the box and sending it on the truck, anyway.

Other than a couple of sets of sheets, both extra bedrooms are down to just furniture. We are living out of suitcases. Two thirds of the garage is full of things for the truck and the remainder is full of garage sale/goodwill/dumpster stuff. Cabinets are empty. Even the good vacuum cleaner, microwave oven and steamer will be gone after Thursday. We’ll wait until Tuesday night to swap the good TV for the old one. Fortunately, the washer and dryer are staying with the house so we won’t have to go to the laundromat or live in filth.

We are now debating whether we will ship the microwave.  That may be the one item that we need to keep.

Here are some pictures of the boxes downstairs waiting to be loaded:

I mentioned that my former mother-in-law passed away last week. My kids flew to Oklahoma for the funeral and stayed at our Oklahoma house. The garage door is locked to the rails so I told them to NOT open the garage door. I was afraid that it would wreck the garage door opener or the rails. Anyway, in speaking to one of my daughters by telephone, yesterday, I asked her where everyone slept. I thought there was a bed, a futon and the sleeper sofa in the house (we are relying on others to unpack the truck). She insisted the sofa wasn’t there – even did a walkthrough of the house with me on the phone to check (how she could have missed it is beyond me – it is the biggest piece of furniture we have). So I asked her if it was out in the garage and she hesitated, then assured me that no one had gone into the garage. She even volunteered that her husband started to open the door from the breakfast area to the garage but she stopped him.  Confused, I asked her why?  She explained that I had told them to not open the garage door so they thought something was out there they weren’t supposed to see! Like drugs or something?


Anyhoo, the sofa was in the garage.

Little Miss Thugette (aka Pearl) got herself shaken, today, by husband. Now, you should know that Husband is the least violent person I know but Pearl has been just out and out mean to Evelyn. So he told the story (and he came upstairs to confess), Pearl latched hold of Evelyn and wouldn’t let go even though Evelyn was struggling and crying. He shouted from across the room, waved his hands at her, pressed her to the floor, told her she was evil and put her outside.  He said she looked completely shocked. He didn’t hit her but clearly felt a little guilty – he is so low key and that is not his way. After having made his confession, he went back downstairs.

A minute or so after he told me, Pearl came in from outside and was clearly freaked out. She crawled up in my chair, kept giving me kisses and followed me up and down the stairs while I gathered up things to pack. The little darling has never much been even fussed at and for her dad to do that really upset her.  He came back upstairs, later, and she gave him a guarded look and walked over to me, keeping an eye on that crazy man the whole way.  He went over to make up with her and she began grinning, rolling on her back and fussing at him.  She followed him back downstairs to help pack and seems like she is none the worse for wear. But I bet she doesn’t do that to Evelyn in front of her dad, again.

Evelyn should just bite her.

Happy Quilting,

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Mary said...

I like the plastic bag dispensor the best. Thre were some creative ideas.
Good Luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

I know which one is yours!!! I guessed and Q told me I was right! Do you know mine????

I'm not evening moving...and yet I read your blogs and I'm all anxious for you! Moving make me anxious! I'm glad it's you, not me, but I am excited for you guys!

Sherry said...

Yes...Evelyn does need to bite Pearl. I mean...enough is enough. ;o)

If you've got a GOOD microwave, send it on the truck. Go buy a cheap one...then either leave it in the house, or make a quick stop at Good Will or some similar place and donate it.

Penny said...

Sherry, I thought about that. But we have a microwave at the house, already. This one is a decent one although not high priced. It will go in the barn if we take it. Actually think we'll have room.

Phyllis said...

Poor babies; you know they are stressed...or at least Pearl is stressed. She doesn't understand what's happening around her. Maybe extra walks will help soothe her soul???

Stephanie D. said...

I think I liked the cat bed idea the best--it was pretty cool.

Poor Pearl. She wants her big sister to make it all normal again!