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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moving is a Religious Experience

Taking a quick break from packing. This weekend is our last before the trucks so it all has to be ready by Sunday night. I think we will make it. I have been going up and down the stairs to the basement, bringing up boxes from Husband's office. He has 41 pairs of cowboy boots in their own boxes and at least 30 hats. In large hat boxes. He just looked up in a panic because he forgot to pack all his belts.  Who packs belts separately?????   We dropped off about 45 Hawaiian shirts at the Goodwill, this morning, along with 15 men's suits. He kept one. It is the only one he still fits into.

I saved most of the size six jeans that I grew out of eight years ago and stuck them in a sack labeled, "Size six jeans - obviously vintage." If I get a horrible wasting illness, fitting back into them will cheer me up, if only temporarily. I had some shorts in there that were so short that I am left scratching my head wondering when I was ever such a hussy that I would wear them in public.

The microwave is going on the moving van so we have stocked up on sandwich meat.   We had sandwiches for lunch and both of us came to the independent conclusion that the bread smelled funny.  

Oh criminy. I just realized that we stocked up on a ton of frozen dinners and now I’ll have to use the conventional oven.

I cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets of spices but left for the trash ancient bottles of smoke flavoring, Hanukkah candles, dry bouillion and tea that had gone solid, which isn’t surprising since I brought it from Oklahoma nearly ten years ago.   And it was old, then.  I found a very large bottle of green food coloring and can't imagine why we ever bought it.  Husband insisted on keeping the old liquid smoke because it is "really excellent. "  Mind you, it was opened probably 15 years ago and I have never known him to use it.

Per Husband, the Hanukkah candles and both menorahs will be making the trip. I should add that neither one of us is Jewish.

No pictures - no time to take them!  But here is a cute video to cheer you up:

Back to packing.

Penny, Evelyn and Pearl


Anonymous said...

This will be soooo worth it in the end. But ooooh, those Hawaiian shirts? They would make a kick ass quilt.


Penny said...

Janet, I thought the same thing but he said we had enough quilts. This from the man who is saving 12 year old yeast.

Anonymous said...

I came to comment on the Hawaiian shirts for a great quilt too!

Anonymous said...

Husbands can be so cute and clueless.


Phyllis said...

Your hubby sounds so funny....

That video is hysterical!