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Friday, September 25, 2009

Waiting on the Paperwork

It is just more evidence that I am a twisted person that the picture of Pearl drooling in her sleep strikes me as adorable.

But seriously, isn't she precious?

And isn't Evelyn lovely?

I continue to work down my caseload and am down to seven cases. I didn't have court today or yesterday. I spent some time, today, packing up china, cooking and and working on the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

And I rested with the girls with a good book.

Pearl is so cute.

Evelyn is so sweet.

Here is the book I've been reading.

I love the series but it sure is hard to lift. I've gotten spoiled with my lightweight Kindle (electronic book).

I did several new blocks for the Sylvia project. I think doing it in brights is a reflection of my optimism and excitement about returning home.

To make half square triangles, I often take two squares of the respective fabric slightly larger than I need, and place them right sides together. Then, I stitch a quarter inch seam all around the edge.

After that, I cut them, diagonally, to make four half square triangles.

Here they are, before being being trimmmed:

Then I trim them to the proper size. This is my favorite way to make them. I feel like I have better control over the outcome.

I make quarter square triangles by stitching two strips of the proper width together, right sides facing. Or I can simply stitch squares together.

I stitch two opposite sides - not all the way around the square. I then trim so squares that are slightly larger than I need.

Easy as pie to cut them, diagonally:

Here is what I get:

From that, I simply stitch them together to make a square.

Then, I just trim them to the proper size.

I've paper pieced several of the Sylvia blocks I've done, recently. I love the look of paper piecing. I even like how they look so "morning after" before they are squared up:

Awhile back, I started a Sylvia's bridal sampler using civil war fabrics. Unfortunately, I printed the patterns off the internet and the scale was off, resulting in many of them being smaller than 6 inch (finished). I have 18 of them and will think about some sort of project to use them on. Here are four of the blocks I did in civil war fabrics alongside the ones I've done using brights:

Here are the blocks I've been working on for the past few days:

Cut Glass Dish:

I like the look but there sure are a lot of seams.

Crossed Canoes:

I love that red fabric. This is an easy block.

Cross and Crown:

Nice block.

Cat and Mice:

I think it looks a little washed out. With all these bright colors, that may end up being a blessing.

Boy's Nonsense:

I just love that name. Most blocks are named after things that bear utterly no resemblence to the block, itself. I don't understand all that.

Friendship Star:

I'm not actually sure that is the name of this block but my book is upstairs and I'm not.


The center sucks.

Here they all are, to date:

What a face:

And here is a video that shows just what a flirt she is"

Well, the news is that they have submitted for signature the paperwork to let husband work from Oklahoma. If we get that signature, we'll then rely on human resources to work their magic to make it happen. In the meantime, we'd need to to contact a realtor, make arrangements with a mover, decide when to go, what to take, etc., etc., etc, etc. Being in limbo is a little frustrating and hard on my kids because like all of us, they are trying to figure out what they are going to do for the holidays and no one knows, at this point, where we'll be. If we get that signature, brace yourselves for three to four months of frantic, angst filled posts as I try to get everything done on time. Or you can just skip this blog and come back when I come back to my senses.

Here's my plan (don't tell anyone): dump my cheap, ancient cobbled up fake Christmas tree, drive to Oklahoma and head straight for Hobby Lobby for a new one. I can carry a box of Christmas ornaments with me in the car and will be all set.

Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

Love your instructions for making half square and quarter square triangles - thanks so much. I've never seen them done that way and can't wait to try it.
As always, Pearl and Evelyn are adorable!
Hope hubby's paperwork goes through -- keeping postive!!

Penny said...


I was laying awake in bed one morning, not wanting to get up, when it occured to me that I could make half square triangles that way. I am sure someone else has done that but for me, it was just an epiphamy. After I figured that out, I figured there must be a way to do the quarter square triangles, too. So that one took a little more thought and less intuition.

Sherry said...

Oh, my goodness! You love them too! I didn't do anything for nearly 3 days while I was totally absorbed in Diana Gabaldon's latest. I'm serious! The second day in, I put a roast in the crockpot that morning. Husband came around about noon and asked "What are we eating?" I answered, "I'm eating yogurt." He went to town. ;o) It worked!

I'm always afraid "this" book is the last one. In case you are wondering...there will be another book! This one leaves several things undone... Yeah!!!

Stephanie D. said...

Hmmmm--haven't read any of her books yet.

And that's a new way for making hsts--haven't seen it before. I'll have to try it, because I love hsts in quilts, but hate to draw the lines, etc.

Pearl drools like I do--only she's much prettier at it.

BilboWaggins said...

I am in awe of your tiny little blocks, and how many you've made.

I know I should not wish the year away, but a little bit of me is hankering for some really foul weather when I cannot work outside and therefore have to give my stash some attention!

MJinMichigan said...

When you make the HSTs that way do they have bias edges?
Good luck getting the okay to move to Oklahoma.

Penny said...

MjinMichigan - I have no idea! I have never understood bias stuff.

And thanks on the good wishes to move home.