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Friday, September 25, 2009

Samoyeds Gone Wild


JessicaSews said...

"No running in the house!"

"No jumping on the furniture!"


Shogun said...

Now what would those two do for fun if they didn't have each other to chase??

BilboWaggins said...

That is just darling. I guess it's Pearl using your sofa as a trampoline?

Ollie used to play a similarly stupid game but without another dog - we used to chase him to wherever he wanted to go, and then he would chase us, and then we would chase him .... no, no-one stupid in this household!

Hold on to your wonderful videos (and make sure you have backups). Although I have a zillion pictures of Ollie, there are not enough movie clips, a small regret, so please don't make the same mistake.

mageez said...

I so enjoy watching pearl and evelyn but please share where you buy the dog toys.
john is a ridgeback/great dane mix and would be willing to drag home his own roadkill but we've worked so hard on teaching him that it's not acceptable behavior. i would love to reward him with a toy made for his size.

Penny said...

Mageez, Weird Fox and the strange Raccoon came from Target. Most of the others I got at Petsmart and they are done by AKC - pretty hardy! I would just imagine your big guy would need a sturdy toy!

RozesofSharon said...

THANK GOODNESS for sturdy leather furniture... My Sammies, Mysha and BellaRose, romp and play on ours just like yours. No damage yet, to the leather that is ;))