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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight

I took the girls for a walk at the Forest Park, this morning, then we got tired, came home and took a nap. One place they like to snooze is on the bathroom floor.

And they also like to sleep on the bed with me when I am reading.

When Pearl falls into a deep sleep, you can barely see that she has an eye. I suspect that comes in handy if you are living on the frozen tundra.

Yeah, they just about wore themselves out.

I probably shouldn't let the girls sit on the picnic tables. I figure if birds are getting on them, they are already dirty. But next time you go to a park and plan to use a picnic table, take a table cloth or a placemat. I'm just saying.

While at the Forest Park, an older couple came up the trail on a hike. The man was friendly and asked me what kind of dogs the girls are. The women (his wife, presumably) was tightlipped and didn't make eye contact beyond a quick, thin smile.

She wore a kerchief to cover a bald head and I assume she is fighting cancer. I don't know how she was feeling, this morning, but when I saw her heading down the trail and her husband had to hustle to keep up, I thought to myself, "Atta girl - fight the good fight!"

I never get tired of looking at Evelyn.

I keep a red, white and blue patriotic quilt on the bed.

Pearl rarely passes up an opportunity to smooch on Evelyn.

After our nap, I worked on another Sylvia Bridal Sampler block - Sylvia's Shooting Star.

This is the closest I have ever come to doing a mini quilt. These pieces were TINY! That is a penny in the photo - NOT a nickle.

Took awhile to do.

Here are all the blocks, to date:

There is dog hair all over my house.

But Evelyn is so pretty, I don't mind.

Here she is on the quilt.

Look at Pearl's precious face.

Pearl just loves her crate. She puts herself to bed at night and will slip into her crate during the day if she wants some down time.

I also did some cooking and cleaning, today, but admittedly, was pretty much a goof off. While I was laying there with the girls after our hike, I thought about that woman at the park who had the gumption to get out and hike even though she is sick. She looked strong and frail at the same time. I hope she beats it. If spirit makes the difference, I bet she does.


Abile said...

Very nice!!
Thank you, that you wrote to me! :o)

BilboWaggins said...

I shall never tire of looking at your beautiful girls, what a lovely day they had.

After Ollie died, someone who reads my blog wrote and said "in this world there are dog owners and dog lovers, you are obviously a dog lover". That made me cry, it was such a thoughtful comment.

Don't want to make you cry but you too are a dog lover, don't ever change. (And our house used to be full of dog hair too, and Ollie used to sleep next to me when I was reading {smile}).

Hope that lady you met makes a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

I love the dog hair in your house!

Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures but the very first one caught my eye.
Very thoughtful post ~ as usual.
Your blocks are wonderful. Going to be a great quilt.


Phyllis said...

The girls are so beautiful. I never get tired of seeing pictures of them.

Shogun said...

Those dog pictures always make me smile after a long day :) especially a long one like today at the hospital.

Infinity Quilter said...

Love the pictures of the gorgeous girls! Look at that block...THAT'S why I'm not doing that quilt and why I stopped doing the Dear Jane quilt. I'll stick with bigger blocks thank you!