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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Binding Books and Sunny, Sammy Smiles

No quilting, today. I did more paperwork this morning; dropped off a couple of quilting books at Staples to be spiral bound (to make it easier to make copies of patterns); then met a friend for lunch before going to court. Court went fast and I picked up the books on the way home.

They did a great job on the books:

It was $11.00 to bind them but I think it was worth it. They put thick clear plastic covers on them, front and back. They clearly do this a lot because even though it made me nervous to hand over my beloved books, they showed no angst whatsover.

More and more quilt pattern books come with a CD but these didn't. I wish all pattern books intended to have patterns copied came spiral bound or with a CD.

The girls were both in great moods, this afternoon.

Samoyeds are known for their smiles and the girls were really flashing them, this afternoon. Now that I have learned how to shut off the flash (youngest daughter reminded me that it is easy to do), I can get Evelyn to smile instead of grimace and turn away.

Just look at these faces:

Someone asked me in a comment where I get the girls' toys. Weird Fox and Freaky Raccoon both came from Target. Mr. Bunny was put out by the AKC and I got it at Petsmart. They have a line of pretty realistic looking dog toys. I also got the dragons at Petsmart.

They are pretty pricey toys but hold up pretty well to heavy play. That being said, Jezebel still would have had them dismantled in about two minutes but Evelyn and Pearl aren't nearly so distructive. I wouldn't have spent that much for Jezebel because it would be throwing it away. One of Pearl's all time favorite toys is the empty, headless carcus of a rabbit that Jezebel destroyed. It is in as good a shape, today, as the day Jezebel murdered it. In fact, Pearl also tenderly cares for the severed head, which is half gone (Jezebel ate it) and amounts to a piece of faux fur with an eye the size of half a golf ball. Jezebel would have eaten it and we'd have found it in the yard. She was known for re-eating them - more than once. Yes, that is disgusting but the truth is not always pretty.

This is Pearl's latest favorite place to hang out:

She'll lay up there for up to thirty minutes. Usually, though, she falls asleep if she is there that long:

Hang on, the weekend is on the way.

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