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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Universe is Intervening

I've not been blogging much about my guardian ad litem practice, recently. There is a HUGE part of me that feels guilty for beginning to close it down. I don't feel worthy to write about it, I think. Honestly, I know that is just emotion and angst asserting itself, but still... I feel honored to have been able to do some of the things I've done but guilty that I have chosen to go in another direction. I feel like I am abandoning the kids and the mission to try to help them out. At the same time, the timing feels right and ignoring your instincts is never a good idea unless you are one of those wacky people who are prone to psychic flashes of pending doom on a daily basis (there is medication for that, btw).

So while I have been staying home with the girls, I've been pouring over files to make sure they are ready to be closed, drafting motions to substitute new guardians ad litem, and trying to figure out how best to proceed. I am one of the world's worst on making sure I get paid so it has been pretty laborious to figure out if I have a paycheck coming that I hadn't billed for. Billing takes up a big chunk of time especially since I don't have staff. Damned paperwork. You'd think the paycheck would magically appear on its own, wouldn't you?

Without going into much detail because I don't want to jinx it, news came in, yesterday, that confirmed to me that the universe is moving on getting us home. Suffice it to say at this point that closing down the practice at the accelerated pace turns out to probably be exactly what needs to be done.

Big smiles.

Here is a picture of Itty Bitty where they shaved her foreleg, I suppose for the IV.

She has spots all over her skin beneath the hair and I think I will start telling people she is a long haired Dalmatian (Husband tells people she is a Corgi). Many Samoyeds have spotted skin but she is more freckly than any we've had. Her spots may fade with time but so far, they haven't. Late in the afternoon she has been getting achy so I guess that is when her pain meds start to wear off. She seemed to be hurting this morning at 1:15 and husband gave her a baby aspirin. Not sure if that is the right thing to do but she was HURTING so there you go. She slept soundly after that and seems fine this morning. Stitches look good, no swelling, appetite is good. She is tolerating being in her crate better. Yesterday, she wanted in my lap for hours.

Very sad news on my friend, Kim, who I blogged about a few days ago. Her eleven year old has an inoperable brain tumor that is growing and SHE went into the hospital for surgery on Monday because she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. After the surgery, her husband left to take Caleb to a hospital to try to see if they could get him into a treatment trial. They'd exhausted their other treatment options. This had already been in the works. En route, Caleb began to deteriorate and continued to deteriorate when they arrived at their destination. They kept him overnight, then sent him home. He was admitted to the pediatric ICU at the hospital where his mother is recuperating from her surgery. They moved Kim to the pediatric unit so they could be together. He is sleeping, surrounded by his family, including his three brothers. Please pray for their comfort. I honestly can't imagine the pain they must be suffering.

Here are a couple of quick peaks at the wedding quilt I made for my son and daughter-in-law. I'd like to say I have made some progress on it but I haven't worked on it since June. Ahem. I am a bad mother and this is only one example of that.

While I have been home, I decided to make some half square triangles using some Christmas fabric. No particular reason. I figure I can do something with them - maybe make a tree skirt or mantle cover.

A friend of mind showed me a tool her husband made for her that consists of a heavy block of wood with a handle. She presses blocks and while they are hot, puts the block of wood on top of them so they dry flat. I thought that was an excellent idea and asked husband to make one for me. He promised to fix me up something but in the meantime, I am using this:

For small pieces, it works really well. Look how flat these turned out.

So more billing and filing for me, today, and let's hope this is a quiet Friday. And please keep Kim and her family in your prayers.

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