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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Squeamish Daughter, Avert Your Eyes

The above picture is not upside down. That is the angle it was shot.

I have two daughters (and a lovely daughter of my heart). You know which one I am talking to when I call you squeamish.

Here are some pictures of Pearl's sutures.

This post is not for people who think medical photos of dogs are icky although when you consider what is out there on the internet, these look pretty darn good.

Seriously, look how well that appears to be healing. No redness or swelling!

But I ask you - is it too much to ask that they center the incision? It is WAY off center and it is not just the angle of the camera. I assume the surgeon had her reasons.

What a darling she is.

EDITED TO ADD - that my Squeamish Daughter promptly wrote to tell me (within minutes) that this post is gross.


Anonymous said...

She looks wonderful in the photos. How fast is her recooping going?!

Sparkling eyes, fluffy coat and personality returning.

Keep it up Pearl. Proud of you!


Penny said...

She is a darling, for sure!

Elaine said...

So glad to hear good news when I check on Pearl! Sounds like all is going well. Will be away from the computer for a couple of days, so will have to check back here on Monday afternoon, and I'm sure it will be all good news then too!


Paula said...

I am so happy to hear that Pearl's spay went so well! Her bare tummy is absolutely adorable. Please give her a kiss for me. And a happy (((HUG))) for you!

Paula in Los Angeles

Stephanie D. said...

Cute little freckled tummy!

The incision looks very nice!

Phyllis said...

Yay for getting her spayed!!!

They heal so much quicker than we wimpy humans!!