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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Spay

After losing Jezebel to an anesthesia problem, I am just this side of a meltdown fretting because Pearl is going in to be spayed in the morning. Husband seems somewhat alarmed and I suspect he is wondering how he can get me to take a sedative. He kept trying to get me to drink a glass of wine, earlier. I finally gave in but insisted on only half a glass. Well, it was full when he handed it to me and he gave me some lame excuse about the glass being so small that it didn't matter.

Sometimes I suspect his soul is not as pure as he insists.

Our vet is five minutes away and after 8:00 p.m., no one will be there. Pearl will just be in a crate, by herself, in pain, in a strange place with sick creatures, maybe a werewolf and no internet access. We had to twist their arm to get them to let us bring Evelyn home and husband was the one who convinced them. It was not easy. He expects me to convince them to let Pearl come home and I am sure I will just let them run over me. It is hard to believe I am actually licensed to practice law in two states. She is getting laser surgery so maybe they will be more open to letting her come home, tomorrow. I plan to bring one of her crates to the main floor and sleep down here with her so she won't have to take the stairs for a few days.

She is also getting a microchip.

I went to the hair dresser, today, and asked them to trim my hair, keep a blunt cut and under no circumstances, give me bangs or layer it. I agreed to letting them cut 2inches. I insisted NO COLOR.

They asked me at least a dozen time if I wanted color, cut four inches, left me just past bang length, layered the hell out of it and I am steamed. When he got home, Husband said, "Oh, you have a Gidget hairdo!!" And now he doesn't understand why I don't think he is an absolute riot. He also nixed the idea of me moving back home to Oklahoma several years ahead of him. I apparently have no say about anything.

One of the judges gave me another custody case with a fast turn around. I am beginning to think I will have to be accused of child molestation to get them to stop sending me cases. Like I said, no one listens to me.

I am in a bad mood.


Sherry said...

I'm not laughing. Riiight.

Not about your baby and her surgery. I know you are scared...but about you having no say in anything. Ain't life just like that sometimes?

And, I'm praying for your friend and her son!

Sherry said...

Oh. I forgot to comment on the haircut.

I've had one haircut in my entire life that I cried over. And I don't cry about hair...it'll grow. But this was such a botched up lopsided mess... I woke in the middle of the night for a potty break. Looked in the mirror... still royally PISSED. Quietly walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water, saw my reflection in the kitchen window and started bawling. (Remember, I'd already looked at it in the bathroom mirror.) The next day, I'm certain I got a hairdresser fired.

Holee said...

Awww poor thing, the 2 of you. I will worry with you, not that it will help. Tomorrow will be a better day when she's home.

As for the hair. I owned beauty shops. I think its the hardest job in the world. We women just have a thing about our crowning glory! I never in all my years have allowed anyone near me with a razor!

When I made a job change it was in the construction industry...men are so much easier to deal with.I would never want to deal with me!

It will grow back, but in the mean time, you may need a few more glasses of wine..don't look in the mirror!

Stephanie D. said...

I wanted a gentle perm once--just enough for waves or soft curls. The hairdresser I'd been going to for several years put in a tight, spiral perm. She knew I was angry, and the other gals tried to coax me to say something nice because HER feelings were hurt.

I never went back.

As for Pearl and the spay, I can understand your anxiety, and I would be just like you. To heck with what the rest of the world thinks--your feelings are justified.

Maybe you should save one of those crates for hubby.