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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Morning After - Post Op

Everything looked splendid. No temperature, her sutures are perfect, appetite back, no problems going to the bathroom, not bothering her sutures, and she is being perfectly reasonable about behaving in terms of staying calm.

Pearl didn't want her temperature taken (who can blame her?) and afterwards, hid under the chair. The doctor advised me to ignore her whimpering because she was probably not hurting and just wanted attention. The elderly tech followed me outside afterwards and whispered to ignore the doctor because puppies should get all the love we can give them.

I hope the doctor doesn't read my blog!


Anonymous said...

What a relief!


Paula said...

Glad you have this behind you, I know how worried you've been. The first rule of puppy ownership is to administer all the TLC they can handle. I just rescued a new puppy, less than 2 weeks old, from a mom who wouldn't take care of her. How long before they sleep through the night???