"On the plains of Oklahoma, with a windshield sunset in your eyes like a watercolor painted sky, you'd think heavens doors have opened."
Fly Over States

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home on the Range

So beautiful.

Here is Evelyn in the motel room on the way home.

She had such a good trip! Here she is snoozing in front of the front door:

Back to work, today, but it was lighter than usual. I had about a dozen phone calls, this morning but was able to work on a baby quilt this afternoon. It is for a baby girl (Husband's great, great niece) and she just arrived this week.

I paper pieced the hearts and that made it take a lot longer than needed. Traditional piecing would have been fine. The fabrics I used were primarily Bernartex. I still need to add a border and am thinking I may go with the pink. I have plenty of the green fabric, which is Sweethearts by Bernartex. I may have some minkee that would work for the back but I need to check. I think I will birth it rather than put on a traditional binding. Right now, son's wedding quilt is on the Gammill so I ordered some new zipper leaders so I can take that off and whip this one on. I had been meaning to order new zippers and hadn't gotten around to it until today.

The girls stayed with me most of the day, both four paws up.

The following pictures are primarily the air and land in Oklahoma. Here is a gorgeous thunderhead seen from the backyard.

Here is the sunrise, again in the backyard, on July 2, 2009.

We really love watching the sun come up in the backyard. Seems crazy to get up that early just to see the sunrise but you just have to experience it to appreciate it. That, and be old, I suppose.

And here are some goats at a friend's ranch near the house. It was not until I uploaded the picture that I noticed the duck drinking between them. I guess that it is a duck - doesn't look like an egret. I mainly wanted to include a picture of the red Oklahoma dirt. It is hell to get out of your laundry once it gets ground in.

Pearl took a dip. Evelyn had gotten stickers in her feet and sat down on the red dirt to pull them out. She sat her butt down on the red dirt and burned herself, poor thing. She wasn't interested in swimming - instead, she sat her butt in the mud on the bank and I swear, you could almost hear a sizzle. I felt horrible about it. I need to give her a bath to get it all out.

These are some attack burros. They have them to help run off the coyotes who want to eat the goats. I understand they are pretty good at it.

Off to have a Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade!


Phyllis said...

I love that lemonade!

The sunrise is spectacular. I'm too lazy to get up that early these days so appreciate your pictures.

The dirt here is about as red as what you show. And poor Evelyn :(

Infinity Quilter said...

Attack burros! Don't tell me hubby. He already wanted to get a mini donkey....now he'll want one to keep the coyotes away from the geese!

My that dirt IS red. Northern Wisconsin has some red dirt, but not that red.