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Friday, July 10, 2009

Babies and Tomatoes

Husband got a new great, great grandniece, last week, so I whipped together a little baby quilt. Here are some pictures:

I deliberately did light quilting so it would be soft. I could have put some stuffing in the hearts to make it poof but honestly, I just wanted something soft and durable. It came together fast.

I had a particularly nasty trial, this week, and it felt good to have the quilting therapy to settle my spirits. Pearl has finally gotten big enough that I can devote a few minutes to quilting without her getting off into something or needing to go outside. She likes to come into my quilting room with me and snooze in her quilting room crate. She lifts her head and looks at me from time to time.

Evelyn also really seems to enjoy hanging with me in there.

Here is my good quilting buddy, Evelyn:

We have other new babies. Check out the size of these tomato plants!!

Look at those gorgeous things!!

Our plants are super healthy, this year.

Won't be long, now.

And we have a pepper plant, too.

Pretty, eh?

That is actually the same pepper.

Pearl is huge.

I took her in to get some bloodwork done and she was more than 43 pounds (she is 7 months old). Evelyn and Jezebel were three years old before they got to forty pounds. She is a hoss. And actively entering adolescence.

She is still sweet but getting to be a handful (to be expected at her age). She goes in to be spayed, next Tuesday. I will be a nervous wreck over the anesthesia but believe she will be fine. I have someone covering for me in court on Wednesday. No court the rest of the week so I'll be able to keep an eye on her and calmed down. I'll bring her quilting room crate downstairs so I can keep her confined, if need be. I hope she doesn't pester her stitches.

Her muzzle and face are broadening and her teeth are actually slightly larger than Evelyn's. She is starting to come into the big "chew." She isn't teething but the chewing is helping the bones to ossify - or so I am told. She is going to be a powerful girl.

I think she is getting beautiful.


Linda said...

I could just about smell those tomatoes! Mmmm, they look wonderful--as do the puppies! They're both such beautiful girls.
Lurking Linda

ranette said...

I am so jealous of your tomato and pepper plants. Mine are just about to burn up despite watering them frequently.

I can't believe how big Pearl is getting and Evelyn is beautiful as always.

Paula in CA said...

I can't believe how big Pearl is now! She was an adorable puppy and has become a gorgeous young lady.

Please know that I will be thinking about you both on Tuesday, and sending you good thoughts and love for Pearl's spay. I'm sure both of you will come through just fine.