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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Exception to the Rule

Most of us are familiar with the old adage that after three days, fish and company begin to smell. We've had company for a week and they left, yesterday. I miss them! If there is such a thing as a perfect houseguest, brother-in-law, his wife and their two grown kids set the standard. In fact, I don't think it does them justice to call them houseguests - this group settled right in and in the best possible way, behaved like family.

Brother-in-Law caught Evelyn's fancy last summer when we went out to Oklahoma. We wondered if she would remember him when she saw him back east but weren't prepared for her delighted reaction. She doted on him all week.

Evelyn will frequently watch for husband when he is due to arrive home at the end of the day. When she spots him, she sometimes gives out a high pitched squeal and races for the garage door where he enters the house. She has never done anything like that for anyone else. Several days ago, a couple of hours before husband was due home, I heard her give an enthusiastic squeal and race to the back door. I wondered if Husband had come home, early, to spend time with his brother. But no, that wasn't it. Husband's brother had driven up after a day of sightseeing and Evelyn had spotted him in the driveway. She loves "her" Jerry.

So does Pearl.

I wondered if Husband would be jealous that his brother was stealing his dogs but, nope, he just beams. He says Brother Jerry has "a way" with dogs and that our girls know Jerry is family.

The kids (in their twenties) are both model-gorgeous.



But what is so impressive about these kids is that they are hardworking, sensible, respectful and have their heads firmly on straight.

They pitched in and wiped the dogs feet when they came in from the muddy back yard without being asked. Once, I came down the stairs and spotted Victoria on her hands and knees cleaning up a muddy paw print - "Pearl got by me!" she explained. They'd take their dishes and clean them in the sink, make the beds, keep the bathroom tidy, showed up with food for dinner, replaced what they'd taken from the refrigerator, in short, slipped in like members of the family and didn't make a speck of work for anyone. To top it off, they were good company.

Their parents did a fabulous job raising them. Even when Victoria and Matthew squabbled - as siblings do - there was no below the belt nonsense that some young people engage in.

We'll see them, again, in a week or so when we drive back home. Can't wait. Evelyn will be thrilled, too.

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