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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day, Close Calls and Happy Home Comings

I'm posting a bunch of shots of the girls straight out of the camera. This is what I came home to after court.

So here I am in my suit and the girls are going nuts and jumping on me.

I ended up giving up and just taking them upstairs to get a bath. I figured if they were going to get everything wet, they might as well be clean instead of muddy.

Evelyn, always the lady, jumped right into the tub when I asked her to.

Pearl didn't jump all the way in but she did stick her nose in, constantly. She has no manners. She apparently thinks naked humans are quite fascinating.

As soon as I got Evelyn out to dry her off, Pearl jumped into the tub, herself.

Pearl is tons easier to wash. Her hair is thinner and she is smaller.

Rough day at work. I had a call from social services because one of my GAl kids in a custody case had been removed from their home. Seems the mother tried to kill him. After I picked myself up off the floor I recalled that, historically, the mother was the one who had been the more stable parent. I've worked with this family for a long time. Apparently, she had a psychotic episode. I have always worried that something like that would happen in one of my cases but this is not one that I would have predicted. I won't go into the details but it was a serious homocidal intent. Thankfully, a friend got wind of her intentions and notified the authorities in time. She'd already set things into motion and absent an intervention, it would have happened. There are Guardian Angels.

Days like this make me appreciate coming home to the babies all the more.

Evelyn always looks elegant, even when wet and muddy.

Sigh. I think Pearl looks like a varmint.

The beauty will come later. For now, we are thrilled with cute.

I am so lucky.


ranette said...

I'm sorry about your tough day. Not sure how you do it Penny. Evelyn does look very lady like and I think Pearl looks like a big, dirty stuffed puppy...lol

Stephanie D. said...

"Tap, tap, tap--yoohoo! We're out here! Mom!"

I think you were outnumbered--what else could you do?

Sorry yesterday was such a rough one. Hope today went better.