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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleepy Puppy

Sleepy, rainy springtime weather cuts into the energy level.

Pearl is spending a lot of her energy growing teeth. No adult canines, yet, but I'm betting they'll be budding within a couple of weeks.

The last few days have been hectic but I don't have court until later this afternoon. My plan until then is to scrub the downstairs bathroom, sort through mountains of paper, make a few phone calls, set up some appointments and maybe work on a quilt block. Roughly in that order.

Yesterday, I had a pretty brutal custody trial. I was leaning towards the noncustodial parent because the custodial parent is a real mess. He has pending felony charges, a drinking problem, won't work, brought some floozy with him to court for moral support (he is still married), has anger issues and has recently received notice that he is being evicted from his house. He showed up with a lawyer that he hired yesterday afternoon.

I am always leery of an attorney willing to come in on the eve of a trial. No way can he have done his homework, properly subpoenaed witnesses or have any in-depth working knowledge of the case. All I really want to say about the situation was that this attorney - who I'd never met - really had talent. He did the best he could to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. He didn't have much to work with but I don't think he could have pulled it together any better if he had been working the case for months. I don't know what the parent paid him but even though custody was switched, that parent more than got his money's worth. And on top of that? The attorney wasn't even a jerk!

I hope I get to work with him again, sometime. If he has half a case, I bet he'll kick my butt.

I woke up with a migraine yesterday morning and Pearl snuggled in as if she knew I wasn't feeling well. Later in the day, she barked into Husband's ear and now his ear drum sounds ruptured. He was actually popping aspirin, last night (amazing for him), and described his ear as crinkling like a bad speaker.

Less than 9 weeks until vacation!

Off to scrub the bathroom tile. I suspect I will have more help than I need.

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Anonymous said...

They are cute AND they help clean the bathroom!? wow...you have got it made!!!